May 25, 2010

World Cup, Nike Boot…Pocik!

What’s the similarity between Micheal Ballack and me? None to be exact except that both of us will not be able to play for our team for the upcoming tournament. Micheal in the 2010 World Cup while for me, there goes my chance to represent our team in the next GLU Games.

Well not to worry thou cos’ there will be many more games to come. The good things about all of these are firstly I’ve got my motivation to do sport (again) and secondly I got one day off from work. I just need to look into the positive side of this all the time. After all, this is not the first time having sprain ankle, being the worst had a lil’ fracture on the upper right feet. That was like in school days..huhu..

Looks like I’ll have to hang up the Nike boot again.

1 comment:

zubeq said...

itu kaki en fadil ke? nampak bergaye la... hehehe

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