May 17, 2010

Once Trader...

Sibu voters have spoken. Chinese voters to be exact. Bumi’s votes solidly went to BN and the Chinese to DAP. After two PRKs, one in Semenanjung and yesterday in Sibu, I surely can make my findings justifiable. Once trader now wanted to become ruler. Aku teringat kata-kata Prof Emeritus Khoo Kay Khim. He said Malay and Chinese’s party should well be separated. Both are fighting for their survival in this country. Well, maybe it’s good for MCA and Gerakan to declare separation from BN (wayang opera Cina). After all no Chinese will vote for them anymore. In the next PRU it could well be the Malays against the Chinese, or Muslims against Kafir Laknatullah.

Think I’m racist? Aku suka sangat ayat ni skarang..."Ada aku kesah"....heheh. The Chinese are getting stronger. As strong as the Great Wall (and the Chinese Thomas Cup team too). Well for the latter…it might be because of Chong Wei’s lost of breathe?

P/s - Aku tertunggu2 1511

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