December 30, 2010

A Nice Nu Yer Present..

It was a night to remember for the Malaysian Young Tigerz, and they did it at the Gelora Bung Karno in front of a full 100,000 capacity Indonesian spectators. We won 4-2 on aggregate although we lost 2-1 in that 2nd leg.

Whatever it was, we have for the 1st time since the last 14 years, lifted the South East Asia cup of glory….and poor Indonesia, they were again for the fourth time only as good as a bridegroom.

The game might have gone the wrong way if Firman Utina were able to convert the penalty earlier in the first half. But Khairul and the backliner kept their cool throughout the match. In my opinion our national keeper deserved the MVP award. Safee Sali was just superb. His fifth goals in the tournament really turned down the attacking tempo of the ‘Gonzo’ and the rest of Timnas.

Jupe on the other hand was not on sight (maybe had some problem with her laser beam?). The rest of her ‘Ultraman’ did not do work well too.

Hail King Gobal! You’ve led us to SEA Games gold, 2nd stage of Asian Games and now Suzuki Cup victory.

It’s really a good present for Malaysian in closing down the curtain of 2011.

December 28, 2010

Young Tigerz

It was a heart pumping filled action at Bukit Jalil a few days back. I bet things will even be crazier in two days time at Gelora Bung Karno. Whatever it was, the ever-waiting glory of Malaysian football and the Malaysian’s wildest expectations has came to live when the Young Tigerz trounced the mighty Indonesian with a 3 nil margin. It was a fantastic show, (best ever displayed since the 2-1 winning team of Moscow Olympic 1980s qualifier) at a fully packed stadium of more than 90 thousands spectators, and million more in front of their TVs.

With the fighting spirit shown by the Tigerz, I believe it will be a miracle for the Indonesian team to turn back the table or come back strongly. The key success factor is never look high on others cos’ we are now the best in South East Asia. In different perspective, the key losing factor would be over-confident of the comfortable 3-0 score line. And with the fanatical freak Indonesian fan?…

Wait seminit. That was not the key gone-astray factor. If Malaysia loses the 2nd leg, it would be because of no other than the sensational sexy actress with busty laser beam 36D cup, Jupe or Julia Perez. Nor Shahrul will find it difficult to even jog around, considering his inexperience first night. Khairul Fahmi, Safee Sali would barely open their eyes in handling the laser beam from the busty (Gaston’s playground) 36D cup. Even King Raja could barely give orders, cos’ his mouth will be flooded with saliva..

Yup…these Young Tigerz are special. They’ve brought back the joy and pleasure of watching Malaysian football. I’m a proud Malaysia football team supporter!!!!

Go King Raja, Go Tigerz, kick their ass hard…

December 24, 2010

The Day 31st Dec

I could still well remember the day I lost my father. Dad and I, we were not that close. I remember him as a fierce person to deal with, ever. He’s not used to talk to us. Anything that came out from his mouth would be either to give orders or to scream out loud. Usually it was the latter. But then, he was a workaholic. I know, everyone in that house knows how hard working he was. And it was all for the betterment of the family. Nevertheless, Allah loves him more..

It was on a dark Friday noon 31st Dec 1985; I was preparing myself with my new year resolution, new school bag, new diary (which I stop ‘talking’ to it after few month of writing) while dad, he was just turned 39. At first he had complained about some pain in the eyes, followed by some severe chest paid, headache (he barely could walk for a Friday prayer that day), vomited continuously and eventually declared death of enormous blood pressure at 5pm.

Things were so sudden for all of us. Mom was always being full time housewife, I was then just 13. Lights in front of the tunnel seem just getting shady. Yet, kita tidak pernah tahu apa perancangan Tuhan untuk kita..

Every now and then whenever we are about to reach 31st Dec, I will always remember the feeling of burden and at the same time obligation of being the so-called fatherless son. For some reason, I’m felt the same feeling leaving behind 31st Dec 2010. It’s like a slow torch burning, slowly but deeply harassing your skin deep. It’s leaving behind scars in a long run. 2010 left behind lots of memories, that’s one thing I can assure of.

But then again, I’ve managed the 1st of Jan 1986 and I’m quite sure I will survive the day after 31st Dec 2010 too. InsyaAllah. I guess I just need to learn how to enjoy the ‘freefall’. Nonetheless, I really hope I will remember how to smile again…to make my world and the world surrounding me sensible & worthwhile.

“Should all acquaintance be forgot”..2010. Happy New Year! Here we go 2011..

P/s – Semoga kebahagiaan, kedamaian, dan yang paling utama rahmatNya sentiasa dengan kita semua..

December 15, 2010

IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ & QQ..

Jibrail (in a form of a man) once came to Rasulullah and asked 3 questions; what are Islam, Iman and Ehsan? Islam replied Rasulullah is shahadat and all other Rukun Islam, Iman…believes in the existence of Allah and other Rukun Iman. When asked on the word Ehsan, Rasulullah replied with this saying:

"Beribadah kepada Allah seolah-olah anda melihat-Nya walaupun anda tidak melihat-Nya, karena sesungguhnya Allah melihat anda”(Muslim)

Dr Danial Zainal Abidin, a motivator expert as well as an Islamic preacher, put up a new dimension to my understanding of IQ & EQ (previous posting here). Allah swt stressed the word Ehsan or quality or excellence in whatever that we are engaged in. The Prophet preaches when you do something, you do it as if you could see Allah in front of you. Thus, enable us to do anything with taqwa and ehsan. He further stressed that it is an obligation for us to do things with quality. The concept of IQ & EQ itself is a concept of ehsan or quality. Dr Danial expanding the concept of excellence/quality by adding another three more quotients i.e. PQ or Physical quotient, SQ (Spiritual quotient) and QQ or Quranic quotient: -

IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
IQ refers to the ability to store and retrieve facts and information, and also problem solving ability. In other word our brain quality. To boost IQ we need the followings (amongst others): -

• Physical exercise
• Lifelong learning
• Social interaction
• Sleep & nap
• Laugh & humor
• Healthy breakfast etc

EQ (Emotional Quotient)
The ability to manage one’s emotion and behavior is called EQ. People with high EQ tend to question his/her anger, sadness etc.

PQ (Physical Quotient)
PQ on the other hand is the ability to subtle signals your bodies gives you, before responding to it wisely. Those with high PQ tend to listen to their body i.e. pains, tired, etc. These symtoms should trigger us to respond it it accurately and wisely.

SQ (Spiritual Quotient)
Live has no meaning until we based it on religion. This is spiritual quotient i.e. our self devotion to the creator. "Live is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it...". 

QQ (Quranic Quotient)
Finally, in living this life we need a roadmap or the divine map rom this world to thereafter. Quran teaches us on Ehsan concept in whatever we do, that is being our roadmap towards excellence now and beyond.


Dr Danial Zainal Abidin adalah Pengarah Urusan kepada Danal Zainal Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd. He is also managing Syifa clinic in Penang. He was a Penang Free lad before pursuing his studies in medicine in Alexandria University in Egypt. 

Beliau memberikan ceramah motivasi bertajuk "the 5Q concept of excellence" di UTP Quality Day 2010 baru-baru ini.

Ole-ole South Africa (tq Zubeq)..

Pesan si tua kepada anak cucu...

Kamu adalah besi bermakam khursani,
Pada mu adanya tajam yang tersembunyi,
Kapak besi tidak akan sekali-kali berlembut,
dalam mengeluarkan tajam pada besi.

Besi dibakar..besi dihentak..
dibakar semula..disepuh berkali-kali,
Demi menerang kepada alam,
bahawa disebalik besi adanya tajam,
Tajam menghiris ….tajam menikam,
Barulah besi bernilai di pasaran
(Meminjam kata-kata even older wise guy)

December 12, 2010

Transition (As I Understand It..)

Hari ini aku pakai baju merah (menyala)..
Aku perlukan sesuatu yang baru dalam transition period ini..
Mungkin aku perlukan hobi yang baru..
Mungkin aku perlu menambah kawan2 Yellow Tang..
Atau pun clown fish aku..
Mungkin aku patut teruskan niat untuk menghadapi PhD..

I knew what you did, I’m a damn good observer..
You blocked YM, you ran away from fb..
I understand it well as you are also in the same transition period..
Mungkin aku patut larikan diri aku dari Kantoi Zhi Avi..
Nak Dara Rindu mendayu2 P Ramlee..
”Kerna merindu..lagu yang dulu”
”Tanjong Katong, ayernya biru..tempat mandi nak dara jelita..
Sama sekampung hai sedang dirindu..inikan lagi hai jauh di mata..”
Atau pun Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train..
"It seems no one can help me now,
I'm in too deep there's no way out,
This time I have really led myself astray.."
Atau mungkin aku patut start menulis style afiqsiddhartha..

2010 banyak warna-warninya..
Ada yang menggembirakan, menyeronokkan, menduaronokkan..
Ada juga yang sebaliknya..
Kerja semakin susah sejak 6 bulan yang lepas..
Expectations semakin meninggi..
Aku masih juga di situ..

2010 semakin malabuhkan tirainya..
Tak sabar rasanya menunggu 1 Januari..
January 2011 here we comes..
Wait a minute..
Aren’t it supposed to be a sad 31st?..

Capri & Alternative Views! back to square one..

December 11, 2010

Sinopsis Filem Hebat

2 3 hari lepas aku dipertontonkan dengan satu filem Indon yang agak menarik untuk diperkatakan. Ceritanya agak panjang jadi aku akan mensinopsiskannya supaya jadi padat, jitu dan yang pentingnya ringkas.

Kisahnya berkisar tentang dua watak, heroin & hero (hereby to be referred to as watak A & watak B) yang terpisah sejak 19 tahun dulu. Watak B digambarkan sebagai seorang yang nakal di zaman kolej (kurang skit la dari watak Farid Kamil dalam Lagenda Budak Setan yang sanggup letakkan cicak dalam coke Lisa Surihani..hehe), telah jatuh hati pandang pertama dengan seorang pelajar perempuan.

Namun, kenakalan watab B membuatkan dia gagal untuk memberitahu isi hatinya yang sebenar. Kenakalan itu juga membuatkan watak A tidak pasti maksud sebenar watak B walaupun dalam pada masa yang sama hatinya juga telah terpaut. Akhirnya perkenalan tersebut berlalu begitu saja walaupun watak B masih mengharapkan agar luahan hatinya dapat didengar dan diterima oleh watak A. Overtime, watak B melanjutkan pelajarannya ke luar negara, berkarier, berkeluarga begitu juga dengan watak A yang meneruskan kelangsungan hidup.

Setelah 19 tahun berlalu mereka dipertemukan kembali melalui laman web sosial. Kenangan terimbau didepan mata mereka. Filem ini membawa kita kembali ke zaman itu dengan latar belakang hitam putih, alunan lagu-lagu rock tangkap leleh yang mengasyikkan. Begitu juga dengan kedua2 watak itu hanyut seketika dikelilingi oleh kenangan2 lalu. Penonton mesti terharu bilamana watak B, sambil terketar-ketar untuk kali pertamanya menyatakan hasrat hatinya, kasih sayangnya kepada watak A. Watak A terdiam, sepi begitu juga setiap pelusuk panggung...sunyi. Sayu, hiba agaknya menghayati detik2 itu.

Dalam pada masa yang sama watak A telah dilamar semula oleh seseorang. Seseorang yang menjadi pilihan hati ibu & bapanya. Dengan masa yang suntuk itu, watak B bersungguh2 mengharapkan miracle terjadi. Namun di penghujung cerita perkara sebaliknya berlaku kerana kedua2 watak ini tiada upaya menghalang ketentuan Tuhan. Mereka akur, mereka pasrah.

Sekali lagi panggung sunyi sepi bilamana kedua2 watak ini menangisi keadaan tersebut. Watak-watak itu menangis teresak2 (kekadang macam budak2 pun ada aku tengok) mengenangkan penantian derita 19 tahun berganti dengan kebahagiaan seketika, namun akan dipisahkan kembali oleh keadaan. Watak B berdoa yang kira-kiranya berbunyi begini “Ya Allah Ya Tuhan kami, sekiranya tulus, suci cinta antara dua insanmu ini, maka suatu hari nanti Kau pertemukanlah kami semula, di dunia ini ataupun di AkhiratMu..” Sadis, itu saja yang dapat aku perkatakan. Makcik sebelah depan kerusi aku tu confirm menangis teresak2 sebab banyak sangat tisu muka yang bertaburan kat sebelah dia.

Di babak akhir, watak B yang telah bersedia menerima kenyataan, juga puas kerana cintanya yang terpendam selama ini telah berbalas(walaupun hatinya parah hanya Tuhan yang tahu), di hari persandingan watak A, telah menghantar sms yang berbunyi “Semoga kebahagiaan, kedamaian, dan yang paling utama rahmatNya sentiasa dengan kamu. Namun ketahuilah aku sanggup menunggu 19 tahun lagi untuk cintamu itu..”.

Pengarah filem membiarkan penonton tertanya2 dengan pengakhiran cerita ini. Mungkin ada sambungan Part 2 agaknya. Dari 10 pop corn aku hadiahkan 9 1/2 pop corn untuk cerita yang menarik ni..chehh! Untuk adegan yang tidak disengajakan..mmm..tak ada yang dapat aku spot. Semuanya perfect.

Begitulah sebuah pengkisahan hebat yang penuh dengan emosi, drama. Aku setuju, begitu juga dengan semua penonton yang datang hari tu. Mungkin Tuan Direktor Ahmad Idham boleh buat filem yang serupa dalam versi Malaysian (sebab watak Ahmad Idham pun ada dalam filem tu). Pasti malatop.

Akan lebih sadis agaknya kalau guna OST lagu rock kapak ni..

Ataupun yang ini…

P/s – Kalau aku jadi watak B tu aku juga sanggup menunggu 19 tahun lagi walaupun aku tahu cinta tak semestinya memiliki..

December 10, 2010

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Kata Phillip Kotler ada dua prinsip Marketing Mix (Mkt101) yang kita kena tahu. Pertamanya understand and fulfill customer needs dan yang keduanya utilizing resources. Kedua-duanya penting, kedua-duanya mempunyai implikasi yang besar kepada satu-satu perniagaan. Maka tak heranlah kalau dua tokoh ini (well, satu tokeh satu lagu terompah) mempergunakan prinsip kedua-dua di atas dalam mengejar cita-cita masing2.

Air Asia memang kreatif dalam memahami, mempelbagai dan memenuhi kehendak pelanggannya. Dalam kes ini, impian seorang kakitangannya untuk berkahwin di angkasa telah dijadikan kenyataan. 150 penumpang lain yang merupakan saudara mara pengantin lelaki dan perempuan ikut sama menyertai perkahwinan bersejarah tersebut. Dengan hanya satu pelanggan utama, Air Asia berjaya memenuhkan semua tempat duduk kapal terbangnya. Sangat2 efisyen. Aku juga percaya trend perkahwinan di angkasa ini akan menjadi ikutan suatu masa nanti.

Yang ini pulak berjaya dengan spin, drama, segala bala untuk mendapatkan resources yang diperlukan. Kalau dulu dia diherdik, dimusuhi, sekarang dengan senang hati datang berjumpa dengan Pak Menteri mintak duit untuk dijadikan modal promosi kempen 1Malaysianya. Ada dua, samada Namewee ni memang terer, atau Pak Menteri Nazriwee tu yang mahu jadi calon anugerah paling popular Berita Harian 2010? Aku rasa yang no 2 tu kot. Tajuk promosi 1Malaysia tu Nasi Lemak 2.0. Yang Pak Menteri tu tak tau, cuma 5% je Namewee ni mempromosikan 1Malaysia, yang lain lirik lagu dia lebih kurang macamni..

1Malaysia, Negarakuku..
Chill it out yo, check it out yo..
Yo Melayu hari2 makan Nasik Lemak ..
Kami pun makan Nasik Lemak, tapi hotel punya la..(suara latar ramai-ramai..”remember kami dulu trader sikalang invader”)

Yo 1Malaysia, Negaraku..kuku..
Cilakak punya team bola boleh masuk semi final..
Bukan ka lu orang play like something stucked in your asshole?
Dulu lawan sama pompuan pun boleh kalah..(suara latar ramai-ramai..”Bola tak boleh..Ahmoi boleh?”)

Yo 1Malaysia, Negaraku..kuku..
Mamula moon, R&B, Love song..
Semua sama boleh dengar pagi2 pukul 5... ..(suara latar ramai-ramai..”Rahmat Bahgia Tuhan kurniakan, Raja Kita Selamat Bertakhtaaaaa..”)

Yo 1Malaysia, Negaraku..kukukuku..
Jangan aku diganggu, nanti ku sound sama pakcik2 ku..
Hishamwee (Menteri Amaran), Nazriwee (Pak Menteri popular), Soi Lekeee dan Ganiwee (Patail)..
Kalau takat pakai baju rap ke Parlimen, ada aku kesah..NAHHHHH !!
Hey TNB, KPT...Lu sapa ?..Ini Namewee la...NAHHHHH !!

1Malaysia..I support with all my heart. Peace make war!

December 07, 2010

Masam-Masam Manis: Samy Vellu, Ku Li..

Dua cerita menarik semalam, pertamanya perletakan jawatan (lebih manis penyerahan kuasa) DSS Samy Vellu selepas 31 tahun memegang tampuk pemerintahan MIC dan penarikan balik darjah kebesaran daripada Ku Li oleh Sultan Kelantan. Dato’ G. Palanivel akan memegang jawatan Presiden ke 8 dan sepatutnya kata Samy Vellu dia cukup bersedia untuk mempertahankan jawatan tersebut. Adakah Palanivel cukup hebat untuk menggantikan watak Rajinikanth yang telah berkuasa lebih 3 dekad? Ataupun beliau cuma so called transition dummy macam Pak Lah? Kita tunggu dan lihatlah nanti kesudahan cerita MIC dan kaum India dengan latarbelakang Hindraf, GAP (Gerakan Anti Palanivel?), samseng, Dato’ S. Subramaniam dan sebagainya.

Satu lagi kisah berkisar tentang penarikan darjah kebesaran Sultan Kelantan terhadap Ku Li kerana komen Tengku yang menyentuh tentang perlantikan Sultan yang baru. Kata Ku Li penarikan darjah kehormat tersebut tidak langsung merisaukan beliau, malah sambil menyindir, gelaran Sultan apatah lagi boleh dilucutkan inikan pula gelaran darjah kehormat. “Siapalah saya jika hendak dibandingkan dengan raja negeri yang boleh dibuang” kata beliau. Agaknya deretan permasalahan keluarga Diraja Kelantan ini akan terus mewarnai tahun baru 1432H.

P/s – Antara Copa Cabana Cikgu Sha'ari ngan Silver Tortoise ‘Cikgu’ Norkiah, mana satu yang lebih hebat? Get out both of you...*&#@!+*%^ (swearing pakai bahasa Jerman, ko mana tau ko tak sekolah..hehe)

December 05, 2010

Make Sure ‘Barang’ Hang Naik..

Apa gunanya MEB konon untuk meningkatkan pendapatan rakyat kalau kuasa membelinya rendah? Lebih teruk lagi rakyat berpendapatan tinggi by 2015 tapi 2010 (belum masuk 2011) harga minyak, gula dah naik. Lepas ni sure mamak Nasmir pun naikkan harga canai, mak Bedah naikkan harga barang masakan sebab harga gula naik. Naik 5 sen tapi harga canai pun naik 5 sen jugak. Hampeh betui! Takpe at least kita tahu PRU lambat lagi la nak datang tu..

Its time to tighten our belly again. This time it is not because of higher world fuel price, it’s the government’s 2nd best reason..subsidi! Banyak la subsidi. Dah nama pun barangan terkawal, kenalah sokong..kata Rakyat Didahulukan? Nanti semua rakyat naik minyak, kasi lempang sume Menteri2 yang dah naik lemak ni..baru ada akai..Cemana la rakyat nak beli Lekiu la, Lekir La, Tuah Saga la? Nak naik keldai tarik kereta roda zaman Nasib Do Re Mi, letak logo Mercedes Benz ke, VW ke, dah tak dibuat orang lagi zaman ni. Buat malu je.

Teringat zaman-zaman study dulu. Beli kereta Honda Shuttle 10 tahun USD2500, beli barang letrik..pehh! murah2. Beli baju, minyak wangi branded-branded. Yang tipu2 longgok2 style Petaling Street mampuih x jumpa. Cost of living rendah (kecuali insurans la tinggi). Kos buruh pun tinggi. Kerja kat Wild Pizza ke, Library ke, pungut apple kat ladang ke semua dibayar mahal. Kat sini, gaji mahal pun cam la ni rasa x berbaloi je keje. Jgn ingat aku x bersyukur. Ada kerja ni lebih baik la daripada xde kerje. Dan jangan ingat aku tak patriotic sebab buat posting ni. Kalau x patriotic dah lama la aku cuci pinggan kat US sana, kumpul duit banyak2 pastu berlagak bila balik Malaysia. Tapi aku Cuma nak berkongsi keresahan kebanyakan rakyat dengan kenaikan ini. Mungkin kerajaan patut berhemat dengan segala bana projek daripada melempiaskan kesemua masalah kerajaan kepada rakyat. Tau la hutang Negara dah banyak. PETRONAS pun dah xleh nak gagau lagi…

P/s - Yang penting bro, kena make sure ’barang’ tu sentiasa boleh naik. Kalau dah xmo pandai2 la cari pak Leman tukang urut ke, doktor ED ke..huhu

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432H

“Dengan nama Allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. Segala puji bagi Allah Tuhan pentadbir alam. Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmat keatas junjungan besar Nabi saw, keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda. Ya Allah ya Tuhan kami, segala perkara yang telah kami lakukan daripada perbuatan-perbuatan yang Kau larang pada tahun ini maka kami belum bertaubat daripadanya padahal tidak Kau redha akannya dan Engkau memang tiada melupakannya (Tuhan tiada bersifat lupa) dan Engkau berlembut tiada mengazabkan kami malah member peluang supaya kami bertaubat setelah menceburkan diri melakukan maksiat itu. Maka kami sekelian memohon keampunanMu. Ya Allah ampunilah kami dan mana-mana perbuatan yang telah kami lakukan sepanjang tahun ini yang Engkau redhai dan yang telah Engkau janjikan ganjaran pahalanya. Maka kami mohon diperkenankan akan perbuatan (amal bakti) yang telah kami lakukan itu dan Engkau tidak menghampakan harapan kami. Ya Allah Tuhan yang maha pemurah”.
~Doa Akhir Tahun~

“Dengan nama Allah yang maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang. Segala puji itu bagi Allah Tuhan sekelian alam. Rahmat dan sejahtera atas Penghulu kami Nabi saw, keluarga dan sahabat-sahabat baginda sekelian. Ya Allah Engkaulah Tuhan yang kekal selamanya, sedia ada, tiada permulaan. Kelebihan Mu maha besar dan kemurahan Mu sangat2 diharapkan. Tibalah sudah tahun baru, kami mohon kepada Mu agar terpelihara kami sekelian di dalam tahun baru ini daripada tipu daya syaitan2 yang terlaknat juga daripada konco2 syaitan dan bala tenteranya. Dan kami mohon pertolongan daripada Mu mengalahkan runtunan nafsu amarah (Nafsu yang mendorong kepada kejahatan). Kami mohon juga kepada Mu Ya Allah akan rasa sedia ingin membuat kerja2 kebajikan yang boleh mendampingkan diri kami kepada Mu. Ya Allah Tuhan yang Maha Agung lagi Maha Mulia. Ya Allah Tuhan yang sebaik-baiknya mengurniakan rahmat”.
~Doa Awal Tahun~

December 03, 2010

P1 vs P2 @ KLIMs

After 27 years of establishment, are we still not able to produce in-house design? Kudos P2.

*Proton (P1) established in '83 while Perodua (P2) ten years later.

December 02, 2010

New Source of Energy

Even as an Oil and Gas (O&G) producing country and the commodity price that shot through the ceiling for the past 20 years or so, Malaysia should not at all time depending so much to the O&G as their main source of energy (or pocket money for its spending). There will be times when the fuel used up and the price will be so volatile that we will not be able to depend on it. The cost of maintaining and producing O&G has been increasing tremendously that the government is considering other alternative source of energy. And with reliable source of energy and reasonable (relatively cheap) maintenance expenditure, all road leads to the nuclear energy. Tenaga Nasional for instance is pushing the government for the decision on utilization of the nuclear energy, hoping to be finalized by year end. In fact the study of using nuclear as an alternative energy has been started way in the 70s but was put on hold since PETRONAS and the O&G industry is in the limelight.

There are pros and cons of having nuclear power. The concern of expensive maintenance and security matters; radiation overblown for instance were highlighted since the very beginning. Tun M is his 24 May’s blog entry has also commented on the difficulties of disposing the nuclear waste, other than the danger of using the nuclear material. I asked myself since when Tun M put concern, worried in front of his vision? Anyway, he is no longer in the Office.

Malaysia’s plan to have the vision 2020 (original idea generated by Tun M himself) will be put on hold when natural O&G are not sufficient enough to power up the industry concerned or dry out, expectedly in 10 years time. The low electricity rates currently we enjoying are depending so much on the price of O&G. Cheap energy is the main source of industrialization in this country. Should the O&G no longer applicable, and the price of electricity is no longer cheap, you believe the likes of Perwaja Steel, Proton will survive? We are talking before 2020 here. With the above uncertainty of future supply and volatile fuel price, I believe nuclear power should be an option not to be missed out. In fact it could be the only choice of energy for us in the future.

Danger and hazard? There were concern and worries that need to be highlighted. No doubt. But then again by the time Malaysia has its first nuclear plant, the concern on safety and maintenance of nuclear disposal could be solved. If we start now, perhaps we might need another 5-6 years for the plant to start operation. If we keep talking before making any decision, we might need another 10 years from now. I say we should act and implement. Obviously we are way behind Vietnam which has started the nuclear initiatives 9 years back. South Korea has lots of nuclear power plant that is considered safe and reliable, accredited by the Word Association of Nuclear Operators, pushing their country as the 13th largest economic power from 177th position in the 50s. At the end of last year, 16% of the energy demand came from nuclear supply and the trend of utilizing this type of energy is stable since the 80s. Should we in future rely on our tourism industry to climb the ladder?

Well, this posting is not intended to talk whether we should or should not engage in the nuclear industry. Let someone else more expert in this area to discuss about this (Prof Riedle perhaps). One may also browse thru and find lots of interesting article on the pros and cons of nuclear power as an alternative source of energy in Malaysia. What I’m interested was in the research and education part of this. Should the institution start to engage and offer education/research in nuclear physics? Do we have a market for physics graduate in Malaysia?


To do research, institution needs a good foundation. Research cannot stand alone i.e. you cannot have noble laureate working on his own without support from dedicated staff and students. Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies will provide the needed support for research to bloom. Should the institution wish to engage in nuclear research, it must have a good foundation studies in physics. Now the question is will our ‘big sponsor’ agree to this? Will they also explore into other alternative energy source such as nuclear, nuclear physics? This is what Tenaga Nasional has been doing for the past 10 years and I believe the institution under their flagship will engage into physics studies in due time.

The second question was will the government or the industry are able to support graduates from physics or nuclear studies? i.e. employability issue. This is another element to be highly considered as physics is always regarded as a foundation, not a specialized studies, that will not suit the needs of the industry. Well I may be wrong in justifying this but even Civil and Electrical Engineering are having the same problem with their graduates’ employability.

I will leave both questions to be answered by readers (if any - obviously I do not have the answer to the questions either).

ASM Conferment of Fellowship

I’ve been invited to the Akademi Sains Malaysia (ASM) conferment of fellowship held in KLCC recently. The Academy, established since 1st February 1995 is with functions, among others to promote and foster the development of science, engineering and technology; to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas among scientists, engineers and technologists; to analyze particular national problems and identify where science, engineering and technology can contribute to their solution and accordingly to make recommendations to the Government and many more. For this year, Prof Ir Dr Ahmad Fadzil M Hani, one of the institution’s leading researchers was bestowed as fellows of the Academy with 13 others and 2 senior fellows.

Datuk Maximus Ongkili in his maiden speech mentioned government’s initiative to established another Academy i.e. Academy of Social Sciences Malaysia. I can easily guess who could be the pioneer fellow; no other than our Prof Murad..

Among Academia present that morning were Prof Zahari Taha and Academician Prof Emeritus Dato’ Augustine Ong; first proposer and seconder of Prof Fadzil’s application (of which I was the sole Secretariat two years back). Prof Zaharin & Dato Radin was not in sight however. Prior to the luncheon, there was this launching of ASM biographies; Think Global Act Malaysian by Academician Dato’ Ir Lee Yee Cheong and BC Sekhar – Malaysia’s Man of All Seasons by Dr Umasuthan Kallo. I purchased a copy of the late Tan Sri BC Sekhar’s biography (limited edition signed by Puan Sri Sukumari Sekhar) for my own (of which eventually I gave it to my boss – kipas la tu)

I was invited by Prof Fadzil himself at his table with Datuk and few others who contributed to his fellowship application. Dr Nora as usual looks proud with his husband’s achievements. I on the other hand were plain and stressful, surrounded by lotsa Academic high achievers and Datuk too.

P/s – Being a fellow signify your credibility as the expert in the area that you are engaging in (Prof Fadzil’s Intelligent System and Health Imaging) and you will also be guaranteed with a professional pension scheme. How nice..

Untuk yang mencari keredaanNya..

Aku berperasaan insaf, bersyukur, redho..semuanya dalam satu masa.

Tajuk gambar:
Mencari Sinar di celah kegelapan

Rumah Almarhumah Siti Esah (Pelajar Syariah UKM Thn Akhir maut dlm kemalangan jalanraya sehari sebelum Aidil Adha)

Adik kepada Siti Esah (perempuan), berada di tangga menuju dapur, disirami cahaya dari luar, ruang gelap ialah rumah mereka yang seakan robok buruk. Hidup dalam keluarga yang amat dhaif, 9 adik beradik yatim, si ibu menoreh getah, Kematian mengejut kakak sulung (Siti Esah) yg sepatutnya membawa sinar kepada keluarga mereka amat berat untuk diterima.Sepanjang di Jabatan Syariah UKM, Siti Esah mengikat perut demi menyalurkan duitnya kepada adik-adik di kampung. Ketika menziarahi keluarga ini, saya kehabisan airmata melihat warna-warna kehidupan mereka. Adik beliau Nurhakimi memperolehi 4A,1B walaupun belajar tanpa kemudahan, tanpa tusyen...tanpa segala-galanya.

Ibnor Azli Ibrahim

Compact (Nikon coolpix S570)

18 Nov.2010, Jam: 6 ptg.

Kepada sesiapa yang ingin menghulurkan bantuan sila berhubung dengan saya.

Ustaz Hj.Ibnor Azli Ibrahim,
Jabatan Syariah, FPI,
43600 Bangi, Selangor D.E.
Tel: +603-8921 3523


Rupanya Helmi Hussin yang meninggal dihempap pokok tumbang adalah Helmi sahabat lama aku…Al Fatihah semoga roh arwah dirahmatiNya. 

Lambatnya aku tahu berita ni sedangkan kejadian berlaku 29 Nov 8.30 pagi lalu. Kejadian menyayat hati bilamana isteri arwah, Pn Hayati pergi ke tempat kejadian, sempat sujud sambil memberikan kucupan sebelum mayat dibawa ke HKL.

Helmi atau panggilan aku Mie kawan sejak kecil. Kami sama2 bersekolah di SMDMK Ipoh, kemudian aku ke ITM, kursus DIB. Dia pun (yang muda setahun dari aku) datang join juga ke ITM Perlis tu mengambil jurusan yang sama. Masa di sekolah menengah kami sama2 dalam pasukan bola; Kelab Pak Khalid (KPK) & team sekolah. Posisi right back to confirm dia punya. Last aku jumpa dia seingat aku di Pejabat Imigresen Putrajaya. Dia kelihatan dah berisi sedikit waktu tu. Arwah ni lembut orangnya. Lurus dan senang untuk dijadikan sahabat. Puan Hayati rasanya dah kehilangan seorang suami dan sahabat sejati. Kalau tidak masakan perkataan yang terkeluar dari mulutnya..”Nak Ikut”..semasa mayat dibawa dengan van polis ke Hospital.

Arwah Selamat dikebumikan di Ipoh pada hari yang sama jam 6 petang. Semoga roh sahabatku Mie dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Puan Hayati, keluarga, bekas keluarga juga anak2 arwah didoakan agar tabah dengan kehilangan ini.

November 25, 2010

I believe...

Aku percaya...
Pengorbanan adalah sesuatu yang lumrah dalam hidup.

Aku percaya...
Hidup ini amat singkat untuk tidak dihargai semaksimumnya.

Aku juga percaya...
Hidup ini juga umpama roda, kebahagiaan, kegembiraan, kedukaan datang bersilih ganti.

Aku percaya...
Kegembiraan singkat selama 3 minggu pasti dapat menghilangkan kedukaan penantian selama 19 tahun.

Aku juga percaya...
Kekuatan sesuatu perhubungan datangnya dari restu kedua ibubapa.

Aku percaya...
Cinta dan sayang tidak semestinya memiliki...

Aku amat percaya...
“Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu, padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi (pula) kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu; Allah mengetahui, sedang kamu tidak mengetahui” - Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 216

“Janganlah hendaknya kecintaan anda terhadap sesuatu itu membuatkan anda menjadi lupa dan kebencian anda terhadap sesuatu itu membuatkan anda menjadi hancur” - Saidina Umar Ibnul Khattab

Dan oleh kerana itu aku percaya pengorbanan (dengan melepaskan rasa ini) adalah yang terbaik...although it could be the love of the livetime.

November 24, 2010

HPA (bukan Higher Purchase Agreement..)

Before 2007 (of which the era of the economic crisis going on) international investment are circulated around the developed countries. However after the turmoil, the trend of investment has shifted to the emerging and growing nations such as China, India and few ASEAN countries including Malaysia. There are few explanations on this. Some claims that the market in the developed countries such as the United States, Japan and even Singapore has been saturated; meaning growth percentage is comparatively low. Some says these emerging countries have vast potential not only on resources but also in terms of its human capital.

So the question was how do we take up this opportunity positively? The Global Village on the Move (GVOTM) 2010 has addressed the importance of showing fundamentally capable human resources, in order to attract more investment to these countries. Should we then push our research to leverage on the trend of investment that is expected to come? This is where research in universities and R&D Institution is extremely important.

Malaysia’s percentage of GDP growth is expected to be at 4.7% with GDP per capita of 7.5%, the best among ASEAN countries at this moment. China in comparison with population of 1.3 billion has GDP growth at 9%. This simply means that China has a bigger potential in growth should their people are able to produce, to leverage in its human capital as compared to the likes of Japan and the United States (at 1.9 and 3.2% respectively). This situation is the same with Indonesia and Vietnam (which are also considered as the sleeping giants of Asia).

Source: IMF


Businesses currently are so dynamic that according to IMF, resources are no longer a determining factor for success. Global trend suggests FDI changes from investing in the developed countries into injecting capital in the emerging nations, from Western to Eastern, vertical integration employees to horizontal breadth entrepreneurs, from elite to mass production, rivalry to healthy competition and even from men to women. It is not the strongest… nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that us the most adaptable to change – According to Charles Darwin.

The traditionally business approach of the Porter’s Five Forces model and relying on sales (product oriented) is no longer acceptable. In contras the new business models of stakeholder oriented is more critical and guess what, resources lies at the very bottom.

Entrepreneur must understand its client’s need by segmenting 'em from demographic to psychographic criteria. The value proposition must consists of a relevant purpose, clear product range architecture and always strive to engage in product feature innovation. Consumer engagement on the other hand must have characteristics of being authentic, clear message, incorporate emotional triggers and deployed in multiple channels. Profit formula should take into consideration the value assigned by customer, production cost, substitutes products and competitors.

Eventually one need to perform unique set of activities towards the business (niche) before decided on the options of where to get the resources from. The above model is very much contradicted to the traditional approach of ensuring the availability of resources prior to production.


Two major criteria that need to be considered by the HPA management; being dynamic in its offering i.e. looking into maximizing potential of their stakeholders and control its value chain. These are two characteristics of success, at least from my point of view. The management firstly needs to understand their customer, their preference in making decision, clearer product range etc. Certain aspect need to be reconsidered; for examples broaden its perspective and widen its marketing scope. Example of broaden perspective; venturing into services industry i.e. Al-Rahnu gold investment, Islamic financing etc.

Secondly taking into consideration the first criteria, it would be best if HPA is in the control of its value chain i.e. logistic, channel of communication, dealer (and trader) etc to the extent of having a supplier from the above said sleeping giants. The key for sustainability is to invest (the best form of defense is to attack?) and “If opportunity doesn’t knock, just build a door”.

P/s - I recently joined HPA...and the above thought triggered from the recent Business Planning workshop. 

November 16, 2010

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidi Adha..

May this festival of sacrifice and thanksgiving be celebrated with taqwa..

November 15, 2010

De Bono's Thinking

Some of De Bono’s view on politics, thinking, innovation and complacency.

1. Political Views
Errors in Thinking! - logic was more a matter of communication than of thinking. Men had always worked in groups (hunting parties, was parties etc.) so logic was necessary to get others to go along with you. 90 per cent of the errors in thinking are errors in perception. Yet tradition forces us to believe that thinking is all about logic. In the end logic is about arranging the pieces provided by selective perception (David Perkin, Harvard)

Political thinking among the youth - two rather prevalent modes of political thinking amongst young people. The first mode is the blame mode while the other one is to mimic/imitate adult politicians and to come across with all the usual noises and clich├ęs.

Politicians - In a democracy what do politicians have to do? Do they have to do good thinking or can they get that from advisors and committees? Is their job to present matters well and agreeably? What do people expect from President Obama in the USA? Perhaps they expect inspiration. Perhaps they expect good thinking. Perhaps they expect confidence. The role of a politician is never clearly defined. The task is to get elected and to continue to please people. Is that the same as making progress? Possibly, not.

2. Thinking
..a hundred years from now! - If we take a hundred year perspective from now, what is going to be seen to be important? A lot of things which seem very central and important at the moment will be seen to be trivial and peripheral. What will really matter are the fundamental shifts in human beliefs, human thinking, human behavior and human organization.

Too trapped in traditional philosophy - Every university should have an open-ended faculty of 'thinking' which should be quite separate from philosophy and psychology. In its rush to be considered as a serious science psychology it has focused on measurement. This is almost the exact opposite of operational thinking.

3. Our complacency
Perhaps our real problem is not so much our deficient thinking as I indicated in the last message, but our complacency. We do believe that our thinking is wonderful. Our existing thinking has indeed been wonderful in science and technology - and getting to the moon and beyond. Yet our poor thinking has been responsible for most of the human disasters such as wars conflicts, persecutions etc. The reason is obvious. We rush to use judgment rather than to design the way forward.

4. Design and Analysis
Design is just as important as analysis. Analysis helps us to understand things. Design helps us to deliver value. Design is putting together what we have to deliver the values we want. Without design we just have routines. Some of these are very good and were set up by design in the first place. But routines have no way of changing by themselves. There is a major role for routine but also a place for design.


Edward de Bono is regarded by many to be the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He has written 62 books with translations into 37 languages and has been invited to lecture in 54 countries. He is the originator of lateral thinking which treats creativity as the behavior of information in a self-organizing information system - such as the neural networks in the brain. From such a consideration arise the deliberate and formal tools of lateral thinking, parallel thinking etc.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

I joined Edward De Bono’s Lateral thinking Full Course not long ago..

Aminulrasyid Amzah (1995–26 April 2010)

Edward De Bono in his message while flying from London to Chicago in April 2000 very disturbed with the back seats of his that recline/tilt back every time he move his body. It happened 26 times throughout the flight. It could be because of his unique body measurement or perhaps, according to him, this is an example of bad design. He then mentioned about CAF (stand for Consider All Factor) in designing or even in thinking before any action can be done. The CAF is one of the tools used for broadening perception, of which most of the professional people used to improve their thinking.

Well, what is this got to do with the above title?

If one can put their thinking ahead of their action, none of this unnecessary killing could take place. Do not rely on your emotion or unethical behavior just because you are in control of the situation (in this case a firearm). There’s no need to revamp the Force, this is just an individual unprofessional thinking. But one must start to think on how these individual put their thinking on situation.

And yet I’m still complaining of unnecessary pressure...?


Tidak dapat tahan emosi beri gambaran kedudukan mayat Aminulrasyid
Utusan Malaysia Online 11 No 2010

SHAH ALAM 11 Nov. - Seorang pegawai forensik polis tidak dapat menahan emosi semasa memberi gambaran di Mahkamah Sesyen di sini mengenai kedudukan mayat remaja berusia 15 tahun, Aminulrasyid Amzah yang mati ditembak pada April lalu. Pegawai penyiasat dari Unit Forensik, Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen (IPK) Selangor, Cif Inspektor Mazli Jusoh @ Che Kob dilihat menyeka air mata sewaktu memberi keterangan hari ini sebelum memohon untuk berhenti rehat selama lima minit bagi menenangkan dirinya.

"Seorang pegawai penyiasat kanan memberitahu saya mayat telah dialihkan oleh anggota unit kereta peronda dan kemudiannya telah diperiksa oleh pihak ambulans. "Saya berpendapat, kedudukan mayat telah dialihkan dari kedudukan asal dan mayat pada masa itu dalam keadaan amat menyedihkan apabila saya...,'' katanya dalam keadaan sebak sehingga tidak dapat meneruskan kata-kata.

Dalam keterangannya, Mazli memberitahu, beliau melihat muka Aminulrasyid dalam keadaan tersembam di tempat duduk pemandu dengan darah mengalir keluar daripada hidung, manakala badannya berada di luar kereta.Dia yang tiba di tempat kejadian pada pukul 3.20 pagi, 26 April lalu kemudiannya bertindak menggerakkan mayat yang hanya berbaju T dan berseluar pendek itu bagi meletakkannya dalam kedudukan yang lebih baik.

"Saya mengambil keputusan untuk meletakkan mayat dalam keadaan lebih baik kerana siasatan saya mungkin mengambil masa yang lebih lama. Saya tidak mahu keadaan mayat itu berterusan sehingga selesai kerja saya,'' jelas beliau. Menurut Mazli, beliau membuat siasatan di tempat kejadian pada hari pertama berhubung kes seorang anggota polis menembak remaja yang memandu kereta serta cuba melanggarnya secara berundur.

Walaupun keadaan gear kereta didapati berada pada huruf R, katanya, tiada sebarang kesan kenderaan itu berundur dijumpai pada tayar kanan depan dan belakang. Beliau turut berpendapat kereta Proton Iswara bernombor pendaftaran BET 5023 dipandu laju pada malam kejadian berikutan ia mampu memanjat tebing semasa terbabas selain melanggar tong sampah sehingga rodanya tercabut. Hasil pemeriksaannya, katanya, sebutir kelongsong peluru ditemui di atas rumput pada jarak kira-kira lapan kaki dari kereta tersebut.''Keempat-empat tayar kereta itu dalam keadaan pancit. Kerosakan pada kereta tidak begitu teruk. Tiada cukai jalan pada cermin hadapan kereta.

November 06, 2010


Facebook might be the most dominant social network in the world at this moment (I do not have the stat thou to support this but it must be). It has lotsa fun, buncha games and applications and most importantly it can connect people. I wanted to stay connected, look for new friendship perhaps, find long lost friends; I wanted to see wonders coming from it. And so I use it. After sometimes I must admit I’ve addicted to the Book. Craving and desire for it with the same feelings to that of a sentimental love, I guess. However, I must say fb do bring wonders.

Suaranya yang nyaring with A minor high pitched sound and without pentatonic pattern mengalunkan “Hormat, hormat ke kanannnnnn..hormat” sound sooo cute….of course intermittently it could become so annoying that make your ear drum beating unanimously :) That A Minor high pitched sound comes from an also a very cute gal with big gorgeous brown eyes, especially when she shouted for orders. Komander Ahmad Idham was nowhere near her when she shouted (or screamed). I was then 17 and being a freshman in a college world, I was amazed and at the same time tamed by that sound (and cute gal, and big brown eyes, and lots and lots more of her too). I was just not me at that time. I’m restless, restive in front of her or if she was not on sight. I’m not so sure thou if the feeling was mutual. It never concerned me cos’ I just need to try, to strive and to make an effort to win her (and for an obvious reason, or can I say genetically freak, she was a year older than me). Love is like a battlefield. That was when I went above the perimeter…I lied.

On my first semester break I lied (I still have her replied letter safely kept) and she was so disturbed with the lie (stupidity as I called it) and the relationship went bit sour in the other semester. Then again, I could be completely wrong with all these. As I mentioned earlier I was not actually sure whether the feeling was mutual at all. Time goes by and all you know we have been on our separate ways.

The above story was like 19 years in history. We never get in touch with since but lately via fb we are connected. So many stuff in my mind I would like to share with her, my career, my family, my feeling towards her etc. But this time I wanted to be me, irrespective what kind of feeling there will be. I hope she can make herself connected and contacted. I do.

Remember this song Komander Azlina?

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