July 31, 2010

Bizarre Fitna'

The bizarre case of Sodomy 2
Malaysia Today, 22 July 2010
By Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK)

Farah Azlina Binti Latif, one of the Federal Counsels of the Trial Unit of the Attorney-General’s Chambers who is on the prosecution team in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 trial, is having an affair with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Yes, that’s right, Farah Azlina is bonking Saiful Bukhari. Have you ever heard of any other case anywhere else in the world where one of the prosecutors in bonking the key witness in what can be considered the most important trial in Malaysian political history?

Just when you thought Sodomy 2 is a most bizarre case it gets even more bizarre. I suppose, to save face, they might now have to say that Farah Azlina, Saiful Bukhari and Anwar Ibrahim were all in it together and that they indulged in group sex or orgies.

Let’s see what happens from hereon. Will Farah Azlina still be retained in the prosecution team? Who she bonks is her business. But since Saiful Bukhari is the man who is going to testify against Anwar, then this would be conflict of interest of the first degree.

(Read RPK’s post here)


I’ve never interested in his writing since the last posting about Malaysian Army ready to stand by the Yang DiPertuan Agong should he declared Anwar Ibrahim as the new Premiere. That was like years ago. After that no more cos’ I do not believe in hearsay, gossiping, what more biased allegation, worst still a fitna’. But knowing RPK the story posted against Saiful Bukhari and poor Counsel, Farah Azlina is no more than just another ‘makanan’ RPK and his MalaysiaToday. I do not intend to pursue more on that but the chain reaction from the posting that bothers me a lot. Just browse thru and look at the comment made. Let me make a quick summary for you. Out of 73 no of comments made (as at 11AM, 28 July):

o Unrelated C4 bombs and Najib – few comments made.

o Swearing & Quran – 2 comments made.

o UMNO’s behind this – lotsa comments made.

o Farah the bitch (or a man) – unable to count as there are sooo many.

o Adultery committed, JAIS’ action – puluh2 jugakla comments.

o Saiful and his ‘backside’ story – too many comments la dude..

Of all the above comment, only one asking whether there’s any proof to the allegation. Nonetheless, his second sentence goes like this “…but is all this true? wow! now bonking a federal counsel?? wow! this bastard really knows how to earn money but not self reputation!”

Why Gani Patail took farah out from the prosecution team? Is he afraid of RPK’s fitna’. Well for me it was a totally ‘bizarre’ fitna’ from a stupid coward living miles away from home. Nothing more than that. I hope none of the comments made comes from a Muslim cos’ no Muslim would believe in this (which is the same view I got for DSAI unless proven guilty in court)

P/s – Korup betul pemikiran orang2 Malaysia ni sekarang.. Anyway Happy Birthday Capri, 31st July.

July 30, 2010

Look China & India Policy?

Can you imagine the kind of economic force that could arise if India & China could hold together? For many years Asian countries especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand look at the US and Western countries as their links of economy or in a simpler term ‘an economic standard benchmark’. This is quite natural as we always viewed the US and western countries as very superior in its economy as well in intellectual strength. However, when the relationship is too tight and when the European shows their social and economic weaknesses, we are also in danger of having that timid relationship.

Although Tun M back in the 80s suggesting a ‘Look East’ policy, never across in our mind the economic super strength of the Chinese and the Indian could lead the world in days to come. Some economist says if the West is to recover from their current economic state, it is necessary for them to rely on the strengths of India and China, and to not do so will be an economic suicide. Japanese was the target due to its technology advancement and how Tun M would like the people to change their mindset towards an industrial country from the earlier agriculture (walaupun akhirnya pemindahan teknologi seperti wawasan Tun ke atas penubuhan Proton tidak menjadi kenyataan sepenuhnya kerana Jepun yang sangat kedekut ilmu).

Jawaharlal Nehru before he goes on to become the first PM of India had uttered the same view that goes like this…“If India and China hold together, the future of Asia is secured.” What Nehru said 60 years ago is very relevant today. That is how important the two nations can play for Asian when they can go hand in hand. I’m not saying that we should leave out the US and the European because knowledge wise they are way ahead of us. However, psychologically we can now put India and China as our next economic standard benchmark, if not social.

Now look into a smaller angle. What if the Malays from both political parties unite and work together to ensure the rise of Islamic’s Nur in Malaysia. Don’t you think we could conquer the world too? I’ll leave that for your thought.

P/s – I look forward for another round of AAC meeting to be chaired by Tun M in August.

July 25, 2010

Sketsa Sebuah Cinta

Love is a moment that lasts forever. A word powerful enough to describes the inexpressive feeling, the magic, anxiety, hopefulness, most of the time stupidity, not to mentioned the pain in the a$$ (sometimes when your relation goes down the hill), etc. Sometimes you just can't find the words to say it clearly. As for me, love struck twice and the feeling really lasts forever.

Pehh! Some big words for a mukaddimah..Anyway, this posting is inspired by a phone conversation I had with someone that taught me the true meaning of the above sentence was. It took us less than a minute of teleconversation but the feeling was so great that I ended putting up this posting (and utilized an hour of my precious time at home). This is what I’m gonna do? I’ll tag myself and describes some of the memories. Here goes..


I still remember the eyes, the smile. She had a strong character. Susah nak ngorat dia dulu yop. *pakai baju kalis petir skrg - kebamboom* Lagipun masa tu 80an zaman rock kapak. Kenkawan mana layan cintan-cintun ni. Jenuh kena kutuk dulu bila geng2 Sekili tu tau aku couple. Aku cool je tapi kalau pi dating tobat lahom aku tak kasitau geng2 tu.

Pasar Malam

Pasar malam High Chaparral, every Wednesday menjanjikan sesuatu yang menyeronokkan - dating sambil tawaf keliling. Yang heran tu tak la penat pulak pusing2. Kadang2 bukannya ada topik perbincangan pun. Aku agak aku boleh hafal la cat2, dinding2, cermin2 nako rumah2 orang yang ada dalam laluan tawaf tu..


My first (and perhaps my last) cerpen yang I contribute was to my Majalah Sekolah back in 1989 entitled ‘Kenangan Silam'. The cerpen was dedicated to her, although she never read the writing. It was a story of a teacher that teaches a group of students, particularly a student named Susila. Both of them, the teacher and student admire one another, as a teacher and a very hardworking student. Over time, the student excelled and ended up being a new teacher (and teaches at the same school). The writer (in this case myself, huhu) brought a new dimension to the student-teacher relationship the first time (after lapse of few years) they meet again at the school.

Ironically, she is now a teacher.


I simply love this song. It evocate the happier days, good memories (kinda official love song la ni). Asyik dengar aje teringat, asyik teringat aje keluarlah lagu ni. Enjoy..

Ada lagi satu yop. Yang ni May jugak (dengar suara Mus masa muda2). Layan..

Things happen for a reason. You might ask why, what happen to the relationship? I say you usually won’t notice the good things surrounding you until they are gone.

Memories are planted to your head to make you smile, as I am right now. It could heal your physical and mental after a long and stressful work. Once you finish with your smile, you better get back to your routines, to your long and stressful work. Otherwise you’ll get lost. (Slap!) Sound of slapping of a face, my face. That’s it. It was a long tag and if so happen the person (whom this posting is dedicated to) able to read this, I just want her to know that the memories remains.

We had our good times (surely more than what written above) but I believe it is even better now. Six childrens in 11 years sesangatlah produktif…I angkat bendera putih surrender you! :) -

To others, every good thing enjoyed is by Allah via His limitless blessings.

"And whatever good you have - it is from Allah; and then, when misfortune comes to you, you cry to Him for help." (An-Nahl 16:53)


Introducing new members of the aquarium community. A considered small Powder Blue tank, a Maroon clown fish (hopefully it will not dominating the earlier three Percula (orange) clowns, a purple Blennies and small orange white strip Wasp fish.

Technically the clown fishes are called Anemonefish simply because they are able to house the Anemone (soft coral - other fish will find it difficult). Therefore I also bought them an Anemone just to found out only two Percula clowns housing it. The others, looks like they need to hide in the coral. Over time, the earlier purple colored Anemone has turned into white. I guess the Anemone not comfortable enough with the aquarium's temperature.

I also have a yellow Hawaiian butterfly, which is quite expensive, in the community but my lense could not locate it. The yellow Hawaiian and the Powder Blue tank are quite active. Unfortunately, the aquarium is not that big for them to be even more active. The wasp fish can hide under the sand. When I knocked the aquarium several time (signalling time to eat) the wasp's head will appear from the sand. The kids love it and most of the fishes are easy to maintain too i.e. the same granulated food (Sera Marin Granules) were used for all members of the community.

July 22, 2010

Blog's Ranking

I found this interesting information website that shows one blog's ranking. Lets see who's in the top ranking: -

• A Journey of Life - Kena slalu update blog

• An Ipoh Mom's Blog - World ranking no 14,112.509

• Jejak Habib - World ranking no. 2,081,788 (most popular no. 27,218 in M'sia)

• SitikUS - belum masuk ranking daa

• Tinta Dari Lembah Kinta - tak cukup hit!

• YuYun - Kena kurangkan cerita pasal cendawan goreng..:)

• Capri - Pun sama daa..

Others to name a few cam blog CheDet dah ada ranking 73,245 (no 424 in M'sia), Cursing Malay 478,551 (3,419) & TranungKite 25,727 (131). Alexa website boleh dilayari disini. Lepas tu masukkan address blog anda e.g http://www.2009capri.blogspot.com/ Pastu enter and walla...no data. Maknanya tak masuk ranking la tu..hehe

July 21, 2010

New Dimension of 'Leadership'

The CEO had his annual address this afternoon. He started off with a tribute to Tan Sri president in a very emotional ways. I guess when you work with someone, an idol for more than 30 years; you’ll find it hard to express your admiration towards him/her.

He then continued with his inspiring presentation, assisted with a presentation material that audience was unable to view clearly. Anyway, towards the end he uttered some words of wisdom that sparked my attention (of course you’ll tend to go into deep sleep when you are unable to digest what was shown at the slide – others, not me cos’ I was working on some AAC matters on my diary). The CEO redefined the word ‘Leadership’. The saying goes like this..

“Leadership - a result that we can create through people allocated to us”

Some Management gurus define leadership as the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Some says is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happening. But my CEO put another dimension to the definition when he put up the word result, not motivating, not even ways. In other words, leader must ensure the goals are achievable (implementation) and how you do it, emotionally, democratically or autocratically will not be the utmost priority. Bottom line, red or blue, that’s the true quality of leader.

I guess only RU status will define the success of the Transformation, thou we have done well with SETARA.

P/s – My Boss looks funny on stage.

July 12, 2010

Spain & Paul menang!

Viva Espana. Viva Paul. Mani si Parkeet Nuri hilang wang pertaruhan. Silap haribulan hilang dengan kepala-kepalanya sekali (mungkin juga si tukang tilik Muniyappan). Aku heran jugak masih ada lagi penilik nasib ni berkeliaran di negara yang dah lama mengamalkan sains dan teknologi seperti Singapura.

Di sini rasanya dah kurang. Kalau ada pun mungkin di kuil2 atau secara professional di sebelah Magnum 3D. Di balik pokok besar ke, kubur ke dah takde lagi rasanya. Dalam banyak2 yang menang ada 227 orang bukan saja kalah judi tapi kena jel dek penangan judi ni. Wang pertaruhan (yang berjaya digagalkan) mencecah ½ billion ringgit. Pehh! Kalau buat biasiswa tu settle masalah Hindraf (baca Hindraf’s Petition to King di sini) atau tak perlu lagi MCA mintak dari kerajaan untuk financing sekolah2 Cina (baca Masami Mustaza ” Chinese schools a key factor” di sini).

Tapi rasanya yang paling terkesan dengan kalah judi ni tak lain dari Vincent Tan dan konco-konconya. Bayangkan kalau ½ billion tu dilegalize? Kalau untung 10% je dah 50 juta dalam masa sebulan. Nampaknya tak dapatlah Vincent tolong banyak dalam PRU nanti..

Aku tak suka judi-judi ni..tapi aku bet la tahun ni bonus musti ada kurang jugak..:)

July 08, 2010


Petronas should retain 50% of its profits for re-investment
The Star Online, 5th July 2010, Joshua Foong

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government should legislate that Petronas retains at least 50% of its profit for the purpose of re-investment, DAP chief economist Tony Pua said. He said Petronas was still giving out high dividends worth RM30bil to the Government, despite a sharp drop in its profits for the 2010 financial year. The Barisan Nasional-led federal government risked jeopardising the national oil company's profitability if it kept imposing such requirements on Petronas, Pua claimed.

Pua also warned that the dividend payouts could constrain the company's growth plans and re-investment prospects. "A company should only have a high dividend payout ratio when it no longer has use of the profits to generate additional future profits, which is clearly not the case for the capital-intensive oil and gasindustry," he said in a press conference at Parliament lobby Monday. "The dividend paid by Petronas must be dictated by the needs of the company and not by the wants of the shareholders, which in this case is the Malaysian government," said Pua.


Kali ini aku setuju dengan Tony Pua.

PETRONAS mesti dibenarkan untuk beroperasi sebagai sebuah syarikat korporat rather than jadi CSR kepada kerajaan. PETRONAS kena survive, sustain sebab kerajaan bergantung 40% kepadanya. Sekiranya PETRONAS hanya dibenarkan menggunakan 15 – 20% daripada keuntungannya (yang semakin menyusut) pasti PETRONAS tidak dapat lagi bersaing di pasaran global. Kos penyelenggaraan semakin meningkat dan tidak selari dengan harga minyak mentah di pasaran yang semakin menyusut. Akhirnya, untuk memastikan kantung kerajaan sentiasa berisi, PETRONAS mungkin nanti akan melepaskan sebahagian daripada tanggungannya dan yang paling dikhuatiri apabila PETRONAS tidak lagi melihat R&D sebagai penyumbang kepada masa depan syarikat.

Ada benarnya PETRONAS boleh menyumbang kepada perkembangan KDNK dengan mengurangkan pelaburan luar negara dan memfokus kepada pelaburan domestik. Dengan kekuatan yang ada PETRONAS boleh merancakkan pertumbuhan dalam negara namun ianya akan menjadi setback kepada keupayaan PETRONAS dalam jangka masa panjang. PETRONAS mesti maju ke hadapan dan tidak boleh menukar portfolio pelaburan sewenang-wenangnya. Dan pastinya untuk menutup mulut pengkritik, memberikan ole-ole dalam bentuk peningkatan gaji (seperti yang diamalkan sekarang) bukanlah penyelesaian masalah.


Kita juga tidak mahu nanti segala pelaburan domestik yang dibuat oleh PETRONAS akhirnya akan menjadi satu industri besar ’ali baba’ kepada towkey-towkey besar (yang pastinya ditunggangi oleh ahli-ahli politik). Akhirnya yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran. Rakyat juga yang akan merana.

Mudahnya perkara di atas dapat disimpulkan dengan analogi yang lebih kurang begini..

Cik Mah berniaga kecil-kecilan menjual karipap dan kuih lapis sebagai sebahagian daripada penjana ekonominya. Hari ini dia menggunakan RM10 sebagai modal membuat kuih dengan harapan membawa pulang RM2 sebagai keuntungan. Namun setelah mendapat keuntungan RM2 itu dia mula lupa diri. Dia menggunakan keuntungan itu dan RM2 daripada modal perniagaan untuk membeli peralatan solek (memandangkan dia seorang janda berhias). Hari ke hari dia gagal menangani ketirisan tersebut (i.e. nafsu membelinya), akhirnya dia terpaksa meminta pertolongan adiknya yang juga seorang penjual popia.

Disebabkan adik Cik Mah amat menyayangi Cik Mah, terpaksalah dia memberi pinjam sebahagian daripada modal dan keuntungannya kepada Cik Mah. Namun begitu sebagai implikasi kepada sayang tersebut, terpaksalah adik Cik Mah melupakan hasrat beliau untuk menembusi pasaran Jepun yang amat berminat dengan popia-popia Malaysia.

Di akhir cerita akibat tidak dapat juga menangani masalah nafsu membelinya, Cik Mah terpaksalah meminjam kepada ceti haram yang kemudiannya menjualkan janda berhias tersebut kepada kongsi gelap kerana gagal melangsaikan hutang piutang. Adiknya pula terpaksa menjualkan perniagaan beliau kepada mamak Mydin sebab kekurangan modal pusingan.

Moral of the story, lu pikir la sendiri… sesekali jeling la kat Greece.

July 05, 2010


Argentina stumbled low on the feet of the German, and so does Brazil the day earlier. Obviously shits do happen sometime someday. We just need to live on that and continue with life. If you ask me the Argentine was playing too individualistic (what a stronger word LOL) and putting too much hope on Messi’s magic. They were not playing as a team unlike the younger Germans who can really run, chase and move in a single unit. The 4-0 result was an upset thou.

Another upset happened yesterday when the younger kick some but out of his older brother. It was however on a different field of Taekwondo. The 1-2 finish is a sweet success for both of them considering that this was their first ever competitive competition (3rd Klebang Cup 2010). Both of them eliminated much stronger opponent in the semis, only to see the elder brother lost some steps to the younger in the final. They had a good time; I lost ½ of my precious day to work on some proposal. Takpelah ‘cos I need some rest anyway.

Last month was very tiring (and less creative too) with work and more works. I foresee the same for the 1st half month of July. We’ll have 1st Steering Committee, TE launching, AAC meeting package and few more by the 15th. I need some creativity in managing all the above (and life too) otherwise I’ll slip like the Argentine. Hope I’ll have the needed strength (and drive too!).
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