May 23, 2010

World Cup, Nike Boot

Put aside Champions Cup, EPL or La Liga cos' it should have no match against the World Cup. Why? You won’t be able to express it unless you were at the stadium cheering out loud for your fav team. I experienced that feeling during the Sweden-Russia match from the Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit (kira2 6 hours drive from our place in Indiana). USA played host for the ’94 World Cup that year, which saw Brazil emerged as the World champion for the record fourth time.

And now the World Cup is back in one of the beautiful place on earth. Well at least that was how I felt on my last visit in Cape Town. You might not be able to see the beautiful Samba as shown by most of the Brazilian in the 90’s, Romario, Branco, Bebeto and Ronaldinho to name a few (including Dunga) but I believe the trick, skill and good formation will still be there.

I actually audienced two World Cup match with another one were at the Soldier Field Chicago. Belgium played Germany that afternoon and won by a slimmest margin. See pic - I went there with Mael Fort Wayne (currently a lecturer in UiTM Dungun’g’) and Mael Angola (probably still attached to TNB). Terkejut bila sorang awek Mexican tu sapa kami dengan bahasa Spanish. Agaknya dia ingat kita orang ni Chikanos kot..hehe.


Last week on Friday, I put myself in pressure pakai kasut boot main bola di padang (after dunno how many years tak pakai). Seingat aku the last time I played a competitive soccer match was way back in 2004. I was with Yayasan Peark team for a PESAYA Games. On the last match of the round robin format, we played Pahang that morning after a walkover by Perlis in an earlier scheduled match and a 2 nil win against Negeri Sembilan. I played left back and was tasked to stop the famous Azharuddin Aziz, Pahang Semi Pro player. Azharuddin really gave me a lesson that day with his dribbling skill and mind reading game but at the end we play more fancier and denied Pahang a semi final spot with a 2-1 victory. I did not play in the Semi thou and the journey stops there.

I plan to continue playing soccer every alternate day beginning next week. At least I would be able to bring down some fat (and perhaps making someone jealous too) prior to my ultimate Biggest Loser challenge on 1st June.

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