March 12, 2010

Poor Baby Prasana

Indira gets custody of daughter from Muslim husband
Malaysian insider: By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 11 — After a long drawn out and bitter battle in the courts, kindergarten teacher M. Indira Gandhi was finally granted custody of her 22-month-old daughter Prasana Diksa at the Ipoh High Court today. High Court Justice Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim made the decision in chambers this morning and issued an order for Indira’s Muslim-convert husband to hand over Prasana immediately.

Indira’s lead counsel M. Kulasegaran told reporters outside the courtroom later that the judge had made the decision as it was in the family’s best interest for Prasana to return to her mother and be together with her other two siblings, Karan Dinish, 11, and Tevi Darsiny, 12.

[comment] I do not wish to undermine the Court Decision but… (I rest my case). If you are a Muslim as I am, you will understand how I feel right now. Poor Karan, Tevi & Prasana. I’m just hoping Allah will re-open their heart for Islam sometime, someday.

“Also, the judge said that Mohd Ridzuan does not even have a steady job,” he said.

[Comment] What kind of comment is this? Unemployed rate in Malaysia 50%?

Kulasegaran added he hoped Mohd Ridzuan would abide by the court’s order and return the child immediately. “The court has also allowed him visitation rights at once a week,” added Kulasegaran.

[Comment] One day learning about Islam Vs Six days practicing Hindus?

Prior to the decision, Kulasegaran said that the counsels from the Perak Religious Department had objected to Justice Wan Afrah presiding over the case as the matter should be referred to the Syariah Court.

“However, the court decided that it had the jurisdiction to hear the matter as Indira is a non Muslim. Furthermore, being a non-Muslim, Indira cannot go to the Syariah Court,” he said. Meanwhile, in a separate court, Indira’s application to seek leave for judicial review to quash the conversion of her three children to become Muslims was postponed to April 3.

[Comment] Justice Wan Afrah? Betul ke nama ni? Oh ya..Justice Civil Court. I'm sorry but I always associating Civil Court Justice with the Bar Council.

Indira has been embroiled in a fierce custody battle for her children with her husband since early last year. She has also been trying to ensure that her children, who were converted to Muslims without her knowledge by her husband, remained as Hindus.

[Comment] There you have it!!

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