March 14, 2010

Aku x Percaya!..(elok dilagukan macam nyanyian Liyana Jasmay)

I just could not understand. Up and down, left and right I just simply could not figure it out. You remember Ariffin bin Muhamad a.k.a Ayah Pin? Could you believe this guy, had clearly declared himself as a non Muslim, but still having lots of followers (most of them wealthy Muslim that supports his believe). He is back via cyber space now and believe me you’ll see lots of his follower soon.

My question was why is it that we are easily been influenced by these kind of people?

Of late we have been introduced to “Shamsuddin Ajaib”. Man with three wives, never let any of his wives to work (thou their only source of income comes from his followers’ charity and claimed those who work are stupid) and has high imagination of having sex with underage girl. And yet he still has lots of follower including the parent of hapless Siti Nur Zubaidah Hussin. Pak Hussin, what actually was in your mind, ha?

Tabligh pun tabligh la tapi pikir la takkan budak bawah umur yang tak mengerti satu apa pun boleh nak dibuat bini? KDN charge aje rogol/kidnap biar dia tau ajaibnya duk behind bar cam Abuya dulu (dicadangkan parent kepada Siti Nur Zubaidah gak!).

I guess that’s why we need to have a good fundamental of religion (yang obviously bukan hanya khatam quran), irrespective of whatever we believe in. Otherwise, we might be easily losing our direction dan melakukan kekhilafan. Itulah moral of my story to a friend afiqsiddharta sekiranya dia ingin memahami.

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