December 15, 2010

IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ & QQ..

Jibrail (in a form of a man) once came to Rasulullah and asked 3 questions; what are Islam, Iman and Ehsan? Islam replied Rasulullah is shahadat and all other Rukun Islam, Iman…believes in the existence of Allah and other Rukun Iman. When asked on the word Ehsan, Rasulullah replied with this saying:

"Beribadah kepada Allah seolah-olah anda melihat-Nya walaupun anda tidak melihat-Nya, karena sesungguhnya Allah melihat anda”(Muslim)

Dr Danial Zainal Abidin, a motivator expert as well as an Islamic preacher, put up a new dimension to my understanding of IQ & EQ (previous posting here). Allah swt stressed the word Ehsan or quality or excellence in whatever that we are engaged in. The Prophet preaches when you do something, you do it as if you could see Allah in front of you. Thus, enable us to do anything with taqwa and ehsan. He further stressed that it is an obligation for us to do things with quality. The concept of IQ & EQ itself is a concept of ehsan or quality. Dr Danial expanding the concept of excellence/quality by adding another three more quotients i.e. PQ or Physical quotient, SQ (Spiritual quotient) and QQ or Quranic quotient: -

IQ (Intelligent Quotient)
IQ refers to the ability to store and retrieve facts and information, and also problem solving ability. In other word our brain quality. To boost IQ we need the followings (amongst others): -

• Physical exercise
• Lifelong learning
• Social interaction
• Sleep & nap
• Laugh & humor
• Healthy breakfast etc

EQ (Emotional Quotient)
The ability to manage one’s emotion and behavior is called EQ. People with high EQ tend to question his/her anger, sadness etc.

PQ (Physical Quotient)
PQ on the other hand is the ability to subtle signals your bodies gives you, before responding to it wisely. Those with high PQ tend to listen to their body i.e. pains, tired, etc. These symtoms should trigger us to respond it it accurately and wisely.

SQ (Spiritual Quotient)
Live has no meaning until we based it on religion. This is spiritual quotient i.e. our self devotion to the creator. "Live is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it...". 

QQ (Quranic Quotient)
Finally, in living this life we need a roadmap or the divine map rom this world to thereafter. Quran teaches us on Ehsan concept in whatever we do, that is being our roadmap towards excellence now and beyond.


Dr Danial Zainal Abidin adalah Pengarah Urusan kepada Danal Zainal Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd. He is also managing Syifa clinic in Penang. He was a Penang Free lad before pursuing his studies in medicine in Alexandria University in Egypt. 

Beliau memberikan ceramah motivasi bertajuk "the 5Q concept of excellence" di UTP Quality Day 2010 baru-baru ini.

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