May 31, 2011

Be Vigilant Against Incremental Change

At all times, we have been cautioned against being lulled by the success in promoting c'est la mode, c'est magnifique!, beauty and attractiveness to a woman (in the making). After a period of time, it could put us in complacency and without paying a serious attention to this incremental changes; it could be a challenge of a lifetime.

Question. Have we done enough to adapt to these changes? I certainly not. My wife either. How can we survive in this new environment if we could not be able to get ourselves familiarized or become accustomed with what was needed? It’s certainly so stressful for us to handle. These will definitely not something that we are going to take lightly in doing our ‘business’ in the future.

P/s – Ishhh…payah sungguh kalau Damia dah mula nak pandai bersolek masa nak pi mengaji quran malam. 10x betulkan tudung x siap2 jugak..

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