May 23, 2011

Tragedi I, II & Sangka Baik

Auntie next door’s house was broken into on last Saturday while she and her husband went out of town. Another next door neighbor did complain about couple of people mooching around at the back of the house for the last a week or so. I did some security checking and always on the light after 11pm onward.

Guess what? The robber(s) came and robs from the front door. Fuckin’ courageously and daring move by these so called break-in robbers nowadays. I’m putting deep thot in getting the house alarmed.

My wife who made the police report grumble against the police who did not do any CSI’s kinda investigation to the house. I responded spontaneously “What do you expect?” Sounded harsh and insensitive but true enough cos’ we the neighbors should be the eyes and ears to PDRM in preventing cases. When it happens, not much we can do anymore. I guess auntie next door understands these and she smile.


My tears flowed slowly down my cheek. I just couldn't explain this feeling exactly other than a hard stamped kinda contraction in my heart. For the longest time, I had been in a state of ok-ness but today seeing those pics, I just couldn't bear it anymore. I'm emotionally down.

It was sad to hear a muddy landslide hit Rumah Anak2 Yatim At-Taqwa that buried 25 orphanage and claimed life 16 of them. At this moment, no nice words could console father (or mother), relatives, everyone when this kind of tragedy happened. There’s no need to pinpoint, blame others either in investigating the cause of this mishap. It’s preventive that matter most. Related agency, Fire Dept, JPS, JAKIM, JAIS, anyone, please ensure enforcement and shut down building and premises located in a danger zone. Or on the other hand, be it the owner of an orphanage no-profit building or architect to a hi-status hilly tower, please decide on the definition of danger and act accordingly. Grieving should take precedence over blame, but please seek for preventive measurement in doing stuff.


Kepada ibu bapa anak2 yang terkorban, bersabarlah kerana anda telah meninggalkan anak2 yang soleh yang akan menunggu anda di depan pintu syurga, InsyaAllah. Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah kerana setiap dugaan yang diberikan ada hikmahnya. Berdoalah dengan doa nabi Hidhir yang memohon Allah melembutkan dugaan yang mendatang dan pujuklah diri sendiri dari bersangka buruk kepada Allah kerana setiap dugaan adalah penghapus kepada dosa-dosa.

Al Fatihah..

P/s - Kepada adik2 yang terkorban, InsyaAllah jihad untuk adik2 semua. Mungkin di sana lebih baik untuk adik2 daripada berada di dunia ini.

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