May 24, 2011


Papa parrot, few years back said JPA’s medical oversea bound scholars are frustrated with the JPA enforcing them to immediately return to the country upon graduation, barring us from continuing training as interns (equivalent of houseman) and stops them from obtaining sufficient exposure in getting more experience.

[Scholarship is taxpayer’s money, so get your ass back and honor the agreement you signed before (with grin to ears)]

Black feathered Papa parrot’s friend says public complaints of unfairness against JPA have become an annual phenomenon. It is unsatisfactory for the government to merely cite keen competition for limited places or performance in interviews as reasons why qualified students are unsuccessful in obtaining JPA scholarships.

[The correct way to award scholarship i.e. by looking into more criteria other than Academic. You do not want geek, with saliva flowing down from end of lips left and right, to be your medical doctors]

Another black feathered Drama King parrot added “Wee was citing an example... (what if) the PSD scholarships were the only opportunities for the non-Bumiputera students to obtain government scholarships”.

[In 1995, Western Michigan has about 100 Bumis studied in that univ compared to 300 non-Bumis which most of them are self sponsored. Now with the decrease in MARA’s overseas sponsorship, the statistic will be even worst. So, what if what, Wee?]

Big time taiko parrot added the 300 top students to be granted the JPA overseas scholarships should be selected solely based on their academic results.

[Solely means all the bookworm in the world who play soccer like playing chess] 

So you tell me, after getting all the backing from so many parrots in the world, another brother parrot could not do parroting? Koo kuu koo kuu...

Nazri Aziz previously revealed  that the distribution of scholarships by the Public Service Department (JPA) for degrees overseas to non-bumiputeras students has risen to 45 percent from 10 percent beginning this year. This was stated by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz. "This breakdown means 50 percent for bumiputeras and 45 percent to non-umiputeras in comparison to only 10 percent in the past to non-bumiputeras," he said, when winding up discussions concerning Additional Supplementary Provisional Laws 2008 (2007) involving RM60 million to JPA in the Dewan Rakyat, today. Datuk Seri Nazri said, “The criterion of selection is 70 percent for academics, 10 percent for co-curriculum activities, 10 percent for family background and 10 percent for interviews."

[Ooo..gitu kesahnye ye?]

P/s - Penat melayan kerenah deme singgah sebentar di sebeneleben dengar lagu Soley Soley ditujukan khas buat "Solely" Soi Lek. English Edukesyen very de' important...Ooo' Soley..soley, soleyyyy... 

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