June 06, 2011

Long Day Friday

It was a long day last Friday. The day was an off day in replacement of Hari Keputeraan DYMM Agong which falls on Saturday. Tqvm Tuanku and may you be given more Hari Keputeraan. Early morning we travel to Kuala Kangsar, the so called royal town of Perak, try to be at the Sultan Azlan’s gallery as early as possible. Well, we were there at 10am on the dot, enough to have about an hour enjoying ourselves with all the items in the gallery. 20% of the time spent on Keris Taming Sari and good explanation given by En Aznan. He seems to know in details about all the Keris’ and Pedang Diraja belonging to the Sultanate of Perak.

Keris Taming Sari is a weapon owned by a Malay warrior called Hang Tuah, way back in the era of establishment of Malacca in 1500th. The Keris is so special that it was made from 20 different types of iron, of which some says that the metal came from the forging of bolts of the Ka’abah. According to En Aznan, Tuah feeling shame & guilty of not being able to get the hand of Puteri Gunung Ledang for Sultan Mahmud, had passed the Taming Sari to Tun Mamat to be given back to the Sultan. Hang Tuah wished to pursue Islamic knowledge and dissapered since then. When Malacca was invaded by the Portuguese in 1511, Sultan Mahmud retreated to Kampar, bringing with him the Keris and all Malacca State regalia. After sometimes, the Sultan successor, Raja Muzaffar was given the task to go back to Peninsular, where he eventually landed in Perak and was proclaimed the first Sultan in this State. Taming Sari and other insignia were given to him as the state regalia. The keris is kept at the Istana Iskandariah since then and only shown to people 4 times for the past dunno how many hundred of years.

Here the boys and Damia in front of the gallery.

Also the Taming Sari (hulunya telah ditukar kepada hulu yang bertatahkan ruby).

Next on the list was the Lenggong Archeology museum in Kota Tampan. The Museum consists of three main places (i) the excavation artifacts and items of Kota Tampan and surrounding areas including the famous Perak Man, (ii) the museum of musical instruments and (iii) the viewing tower atop the hill at the back of the museum. Kiki asked what if skeleton of the Perak Man founded in Manjoi? I say he will be called Manjoi bro

The kids had a good time. Amin moderated to us the Paleolithic (zaman batu), Neolithic and Metal Age era (Zaman logam) which is part of his form one History study.

We had lunch at R&R near Raja Nazrin Bridge. The Perak Man’s IC here..

We then traveled back to Ipoh for Friday prayer. I missed a turn at the hi-way and we ended up paying our toll at Simpang Pulai. So we decided to do our prayer at the An Nur mosque.

Next we traveled to Kellie Castle in Batu Gajah. We were brave enough to climb on top floor of the castle for sightseeing of the surrounding area (and imagining ourselves as Brennius, legendary king of Northumberland & Allobroges, the conqueror of Rome).


King Brennius with brotha and sista, afraid of height…

The castle sparks an idea for the name of newly bought Half Persian kitten. We call her Kellie..

Traveling back to Ipoh we stopped at the Perak Stadium for a date with Upin & Ipin only to find out that they will only be available on the next day. We were happy with Mail 2 ringgit and Ehsan si Intan Payung…

We even stopped at 'almost-complete'' 267 house..

Arrived late in the evening everybody was so tired. When we asked Raischa, she just gave us this uwekkk looks saying that she still got the energy for another round tomorrow.. ;-)

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