May 20, 2011

Blame it On the Gomen..

Any prospective student that wishes to join this institution need to undergo an interview session which looks into ones potential in becoming leaders of the nation. Some of the criteria that we are looking for are their level of confidence, achievement motivation, mental alertness as well as their empathy. Potential students will be given a case study as a platform for them to express their ideas and hopefully will dug out their potential, as criteria mentioned above. In preparing the case study usually some importance tips will be relayed to these students such as looking things from helicopter views, always get into the root of the problem and provide structured presentation. They can only see clearly an elephant from a distance rather than in front of their eyes cos’ big size elephant would block their sight. Well, in this case their perspective.

However, I must say from 10 students that were interviewed, you might only be able to find couple of them that could provide answer in broader perspectives. It’s somehow bothered me for quite some times now – the tendency in our students to put the responsibility to someone else and always find reasons to blame others.

Some of the reasons given might be applicable but when every time you hear the same answer – government should do this, government should do that (perhaps because of tax money payable to government), as if nobody responsible for anything other than the government, you suddently go WTF. That is considered not too bad. Wait until you hear them says government is responsible for not giving proper education, that’s why they got B in Physics. This bunch of people will eventually lead the nation and can you image if some day a policemen who get criticized for slow response to complaints, turn around and blame the government for not giving them vehicles or for the vehicles not having gas or drivers. Or a Public Servant who is not satisfactorily answering public queries about their work turns around and blames the government. Prosecutors lose an important case in the courts on the basis of a technicality and the government is blamed for not training them enough. Persons sentenced to hang and who have appealed is awaiting the conclusion of their appeal process, but the government is blamed for not hanging them.

An attitude that can turns into a bad culture. I am worried, do you? God bless us all.

P/s - Gotong royong perhaps?

Angry villagers stage serpent protest
By Manjit Kaur

IPOH: Residents from a village here brought a live 10-foot python to the Mentri Besar's office to highlight their fear of having to bear with unwelcome visits from slithery “guests” for the past one year. “We have been having sleepless nights as we never know when a snake would come by our beds,” said labourer C. Subramani, who acted as spokesman for the group of residents from Kampung DBI in Buntong. He said he caught the snake on Wednesday night outside his house and decided to bring it to the state secretariat building here yesterday as “proof” of their traumatic experiences.

Subramani, 51, led the group of residents to present a memorandum to the Mentri Besar yesterday. Subramani, managed to present the memorandum to the Mentri Besar's special assistant Zulkefli Abdullah outside the gate of the building. Speaking to reporters later, he claimed their previous complaints about the snakes had gone unheeded. He said Kampung DBI, a pre-independence village, consisted mostly of wooden houses occupied by low-salaried workers and retirees and was overrun with lalang.

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