May 14, 2011

Peace You'll..

I get pretty excited after reviewing an article by a HongKies (dunno this word correct or not?) by the name of Professor Otto CC Lin. His work entitled “Environment for the 21st Century” talks on few things that need to be given proper attention for the 21st century, of which I also believe is very much applicable for mindset change (i.e. such as in the case of our AF candidate second stage friend.. huhu)

Amongst others, Prof Lin mentioning about the ubiquity or readiness of PCs and the Internet including wireless technology and mobile commerce; or in a simpler word the ability to utilize PC and its applications. As an administrator, you are not going anywhere without the knowledge in either Microsoft Word or Excell.. and I’m just talking basic here. Secondly, the influence of the co-existence between competition and cooperation. One should be able to adapt to your competitors’ strength and adopt cooperation. Strategic Alliance is the correct words. Finally (three of so many more), every knowledge workers is a source of innovation, continued and life-long needs for education. The importance to enhance and efficiently looking into problems and turn it into opportunity.

Nevertheless, in contenting the challenge of creating another so called civilization, the Malays particularly need three basic stuffs; (i) the ability to understand the situation and maintaining it, (ii) the skill to rehash or re-treat, and (iii) adaptation capability. The above stuff is so important for us to change the paradigm, by using the local moulder/template (glocal), in fulfilling ones’ desires. We should learn on how to inherit our forefather’s strength who never surrender in defending the Malays civilization thou they have been colonized for hundreds of years.

P/s - Siti ngan Zam sedang menggayakan sign Peace..

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Zubeq Ance said...

i like itu gambar peace :)

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