February 13, 2010

Hepi Chinese Nu Yer

Happy Chinese New Year. Year of the Tiger, the third of the twelve cycle according to the Chinese zodiac. Some say people who born in this year will have the tiger characteristics such as sensitive, emotional but adventurous. Good at seeing problem, brave, calculative risk taker and full of confident.

Also, according to the zodiac most tigers will give a cheer for 2010. People will be more active a prospect will improve dramatically. It’s a time for them to put their dream into implementation and action, with a caution to hold back some for future use.

In view of the above, I guess we must put all effort, as brave and confident as the tiger, roaring to move forward. Be it in your daily life or career. By the way, prior to this coming Chinese new year, there are two good news I would like to share:

a)  The Yayasan has approved our Transformation Plan and its budget allocation. After all the hard work in planning and preparing the necessary, it paid off with the announcement made by the CEO yesterday. 700 millions to be utilized for the next 5 years. Can spare me some salary increment, Datuk?

b)  The ’hard worker’ Fairus will join our implementation team.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friend, Koon Yaw, Cheok Seng, Kay Huat, to name a few and last but not least Mr Tien (my former MBf boss who always discriminate his Malays workers)

To others please drive safely!

His face reflects the Smiling Tiger....but I wonder how’s inside?

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