June 15, 2011

Happy Father's Day abah!

Not many show their gratitude and appreciation towards their father. I bet not many cos’ I’m not in the statistic either. In my early days, there were always distance between dad and I. At least that’s how I felt when dad displayed his seriousness, self possessed behavior and most of time anger towards us. After sometimes, well after he passed away in actual fact, I tend to understand all this so called ferocious behavior has only one intention….to let you become humane. And I thank him for that.

Father’s Day will always be a chance for us to speak out our feeling to a person called daddy be it abah, papa, ayah or even sugar daddy…to some ;-). I missed that opportunity long time ago but I do hope my children will. I will appreciate it.

Happy Father’s Day abah!

P/s – Some nice taken pic at Gunung Lang for Amin’s Geography profile..

                                                   Nice views from top of viewing tower at the Island.


Boat riding to the Island charged at RM3 for adult and half pay for kid.
Nice view + Good times. 


YuYun@HanleeYun a.k.a KuLaT_NaKaL said...

waaaa..mcm best jer tempat tuhhh..

capri... said...

Photographer professional cam Yun mesti find the place interesting..

YuYun@HanleeYun a.k.a KuLaT_NaKaL said...

mana lak professional....biase2 jerk..

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