June 14, 2011

House No 267 Part II

The ’under-renovation’ house no 267 is finally completed after due for more than one month. Well, there are still few minor works that need to be carried out but all in all, it could be considered as a finished job. I’m happy so does the contractor. So we eventually kawtim! I’m bit eager to get into the house after so many years and to get back to the kampong-neighbourhood kinda surrounding. Most importantly to get back to the natural life without a touch of too much modernization, thou Gugusan Manjoi tu taklah kampung mana sangat pun :-)

House no 267 wif 2 pagar yg cantek..
The kampung will soon no longer be a ’kampong’ with the recent development of two Mydin Malls, one in Sg Tapah and another in Meru. The Mall in Sg Tapah is just a walking distance while the one in Meru is like 10 minutes drive from house no 267. Sad thing was the development site is on the famous hi-chapperal field aka tempat jatuh lagi dikenang. Well, I guess that was the price that we need to pay for sustainability thou some people complaining that the development will kill off IKS in surrounding areas.

Padang Hi-Chapperal tinggal kenangan..

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