June 27, 2011

Entry Ini Tiada Gambar

"Uushiikum bis salati, wa maa malakat aimanuku" - "take care of the Salaat and take care of the weak people among you."

"Ummatii, Ummatii, Ummatii" - "My people, my people, my people."

And the life of the noble prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) ended.

Those are two sentences of word that Rasulullah had uttered as his last speech. Could we love him the way he loves his ummah? I remember a story of a nomadic Badwi who confessed his true love to Rasulullah saw. A Badwi once comes to see Rasulullah and told him that he did not do lots of ibadah. He however claimed that there was no other in this world that he loves (other than the Prophet). Rasulullah replied and confirm that the Badwi will be among his friend in Jannah (Heaven).

Such a short story to tell and the way I crafted it might not be as good as an Ustaz intricate it in his teaching. But then we could start to ask ourselves (i) are we a nomadic Badwi? and (ii) do we loves Rasulullah the way that we are supposed to?

One thing for sure we are no nomadic i.e. we live a good life. There are no reasons at all for not doing ibadah, taking care of our shalat and be concerned of weak people among us, to start of. Do we love Rasulullah? Do we follow his Sunnah? Ask ourselves do we really know him? How do you expect one to follow his Sunnah if we could not even be acquainted with him or his teaching?

And yet we talks a lot on love and be loved.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, really.

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