January 27, 2010

SBT (disebut "Sekolah Berperangai Teruk")

SBT bukan sekolah elit - Muhyiddin

PUTRAJAYA 25 Jan. - Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) yang diumumkan hari ini bukan sekolah elit yang akan memberi manfaat kepada hanya sebilangan kecil pelajar.

Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin berkata, setiap sekolah di negara ini mempunyai peluang yang sama dan boleh bersaing di padang sama rata untuk diiktiraf sebagai SBT. 

Ini kerana, kata Menteri Pelajaran itu, mana-mana sekolah yang mencapai sasaran kecemerlangan dan memenuhi kriteria yang ditetapkan akan diiktiraf sebagai SBT serta mendapat kemudahan serta ganjaran yang sama.


On the announcement of so called ’high performance school’ (SBT) by TPM recently…I guest it is timely and appropriate. The concept reflects the government vision to have a world class education system, at primary to secondary as well as higher education in this country. At the same time moulding by isolating the ‘cream of the cream’ will also ensure continuous production of outstanding students and narrowing the gap between schools within the system.

SBT will be given autonomy in term of budget allocation, selection of students, curriculum management i.e innovate and improve quality of education internally, staff meritocracy and authority. Looking at the list of 20 SBTs, traditionally the producer of top students in the country, I guess it is just a matter of rebranding of our Educational system. Nothing much! But the idea & overall concept are good. Prior to this, MOHE has also announced so called APEX and Research University status to few public universities as a benchmark for others to follow. To these universities, the status comes with burdening KPIs: to the management and its faculty members. To other institutions be it local or private, at least from the given criteria we would be able to know where we are and where we are heading to.


The question now is how do we fulfill the gap of where we are and where we are heading to? Next one would be what kind of educational system or the proper milestone for the gap? Rebranding is simple. Setting KPIs is even easier. But what about the curriculum that we are offering now? Is it of the international standard? Will it be able to bring our students to an international standard?

I had this opportunity discussing on our national education curriculum with a top MOE official (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia) and he is suggesting a psychomatric approach to our primary and secondary students. This approach will enable us to understand which stream or discipline students are eager to do. Only after we are able to understand this situation, an appropriate education curriculum can be given to them specifically. The analogy is simple. If we like the job we are doing, we will do it with commitment, perseverance and inner drive irrespective of level of difficulty and fierce boss!


They say a good person comes from a good school. In my case SM Labrooy, Ipoh confirm bukan sekolah elit, in fact it used to be a Sekolah Berperangai Teruk (SBT jugak) Daerah Kinta (I guest sebab tulah tukar nama jadi SM Dr Megat Khas in mid 80s). When I graduated from the school, the cohort set a new record 60% passed SPM since the day the school was established. Anak Melayu ada la 6 orang dapat gred 1. Tahun sebelum tu anak Cina top student subjek Pengetahuan Agama Islam SPM. Agaknya I’m bit lucky sebab I do like what I’m doing….always! and I usually doing it with heart…period!

P/s – teringat slogan Labroorian “Apa Yang Dapat Kerjakan Hari Ini, Jangan Tunggu Sampai Esok”……Oklah kena tutup blog buat kerja opis sikit. Ada masa lagi ni sebelum jam 12 tgh malam i.e. hari esok!

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