January 11, 2010


Definition: in‧tro‧vert [countable]
Someone who is quiet and shy, and does not enjoy being with other people (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English).

I had this workshop, well…more like training, called The Art of Facilitation last week led by a NLP master practitioner, Roland Ong. The workshop is part of our quest to become a quality facilitator for the institution. We were then asked to rate ourself according to ones social style of presentation. The next thing I was informed that I was more like an introvert (thou my extrovert mark was about the same). Huh! As far as I understand introvert in other term simply means a geek who do not understand the word enjoy, except maybe for killing others. (Psycho maniac like in the movie The Silence of the Lambs, I know What You Did...,etc).

Roland further explained an introvert not necessary a person who is quiet and shy. The element of shyness might come from unnecessary nervousness and anxiety (which I could not agree less), and too concerned with what others would feel on him/her, while at public (which I could not agree more). In other word, people with sense of introvert like to think deep and analyze situation to the extend that it might not necessary at all (which will end up causing unnecessary pressure to themselves).

I must say some of the elements of ‘introvertness’ i.e. deep thought and analytical as stated by Roland are correct. However, being introvert without able to realize or implement the thought is something that is catastrophic. That is why when my boss proposed few names, with managerial title, in the TE implementation team I just could not imagine the workload that will be burdened on me later on. Cos’ some of this so call manager likes to play ‘introvertness’ i.e. put only their thinking and let other people to implement….

P/s - I might be an extrovert if I could complete the two-day workshop. Unfortunately due to other work commitment I only managed a day….just enough to run away from the Psycho maniac element! Hehe..


ipohmom said...

Capri, introverts are deep thinkers! All the best with the TI project.

capri... said...

Ipoh Mom,
In thinking deeper (i.e. to make things better), maybe I would suggest to SAN to take you in the TE team....:)

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