April 08, 2011


For the past week, people talks a lot about organizational structure changes of the institution. Looking at the chart I must admit we are no longer having a horizontal communication kinda structure but rather lateral. Top management is in a higher hierarchical rank while low management sits lower. Nevertheless, changes are good for the institution as it grow large, complex and specialized. I even heard DVC will have an executive as their personal assistance. Don’t get me wrong. I incredibly grateful for the changes being made cos’ we will be specialized in whatever we do plus more people to assist us with our daily work. Lots of new position have been created to cater for the specialized communication.

Do I speak the same language, singing the same song with the changes?
Nope, not yet but I sure will.

Do I feel awkward, feeling stressed with the communication that will take place?
I guess I’ll life with that..

Do I able to take more challenging task, be promoted?
Yup :-)

Do I able to take up extra work if promoted?

Changes will be there from time to time. I just need to adopt, adapt and wake up from my comfort zone. No less and no more. Another thing, some says without communication planning is planned to fumble, a relationship is destined to fail. So to avoid it please consider the following: -

- First and foremost be a Good Listener;
- Do not transform dialogue into monologue, in other words, don't be selfish;
- Express yourself expressively;
- Forgive One Another (It is hard to do but once you do it feels good);
- Love is a sacrifice; and
- Leave little notes to your partner (A sweet idea).

P/s - Time check 12.05AM… shall need not waiting any longer. Lil' note has been posted just now so pillows, here I come…


Yuyun@HanLeeYun a.k.a. KuLaT_NaKaL said...

sy sukakan entri en capri dlm english..penyampaian yg baik, gaya bahasa yg bagus! Erm, perlukan jg sy merujuk kamus utk mengetahui ayat yg sy jarang jumpa..huhu..(bahasa ing sy tak brp bagus dan sy adalah seorg yg kurang membaca..)

capri... said...

Tq Yun..

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