July 05, 2010


Argentina stumbled low on the feet of the German, and so does Brazil the day earlier. Obviously shits do happen sometime someday. We just need to live on that and continue with life. If you ask me the Argentine was playing too individualistic (what a stronger word LOL) and putting too much hope on Messi’s magic. They were not playing as a team unlike the younger Germans who can really run, chase and move in a single unit. The 4-0 result was an upset thou.

Another upset happened yesterday when the younger kick some but out of his older brother. It was however on a different field of Taekwondo. The 1-2 finish is a sweet success for both of them considering that this was their first ever competitive competition (3rd Klebang Cup 2010). Both of them eliminated much stronger opponent in the semis, only to see the elder brother lost some steps to the younger in the final. They had a good time; I lost ½ of my precious day to work on some proposal. Takpelah ‘cos I need some rest anyway.

Last month was very tiring (and less creative too) with work and more works. I foresee the same for the 1st half month of July. We’ll have 1st Steering Committee, TE launching, AAC meeting package and few more by the 15th. I need some creativity in managing all the above (and life too) otherwise I’ll slip like the Argentine. Hope I’ll have the needed strength (and drive too!).

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