July 25, 2010


Introducing new members of the aquarium community. A considered small Powder Blue tank, a Maroon clown fish (hopefully it will not dominating the earlier three Percula (orange) clowns, a purple Blennies and small orange white strip Wasp fish.

Technically the clown fishes are called Anemonefish simply because they are able to house the Anemone (soft coral - other fish will find it difficult). Therefore I also bought them an Anemone just to found out only two Percula clowns housing it. The others, looks like they need to hide in the coral. Over time, the earlier purple colored Anemone has turned into white. I guess the Anemone not comfortable enough with the aquarium's temperature.

I also have a yellow Hawaiian butterfly, which is quite expensive, in the community but my lense could not locate it. The yellow Hawaiian and the Powder Blue tank are quite active. Unfortunately, the aquarium is not that big for them to be even more active. The wasp fish can hide under the sand. When I knocked the aquarium several time (signalling time to eat) the wasp's head will appear from the sand. The kids love it and most of the fishes are easy to maintain too i.e. the same granulated food (Sera Marin Granules) were used for all members of the community.

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