July 31, 2010

Bizarre Fitna'

The bizarre case of Sodomy 2
Malaysia Today, 22 July 2010
By Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK)

Farah Azlina Binti Latif, one of the Federal Counsels of the Trial Unit of the Attorney-General’s Chambers who is on the prosecution team in the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy 2 trial, is having an affair with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Yes, that’s right, Farah Azlina is bonking Saiful Bukhari. Have you ever heard of any other case anywhere else in the world where one of the prosecutors in bonking the key witness in what can be considered the most important trial in Malaysian political history?

Just when you thought Sodomy 2 is a most bizarre case it gets even more bizarre. I suppose, to save face, they might now have to say that Farah Azlina, Saiful Bukhari and Anwar Ibrahim were all in it together and that they indulged in group sex or orgies.

Let’s see what happens from hereon. Will Farah Azlina still be retained in the prosecution team? Who she bonks is her business. But since Saiful Bukhari is the man who is going to testify against Anwar, then this would be conflict of interest of the first degree.

(Read RPK’s post here)


I’ve never interested in his writing since the last posting about Malaysian Army ready to stand by the Yang DiPertuan Agong should he declared Anwar Ibrahim as the new Premiere. That was like years ago. After that no more cos’ I do not believe in hearsay, gossiping, what more biased allegation, worst still a fitna’. But knowing RPK the story posted against Saiful Bukhari and poor Counsel, Farah Azlina is no more than just another ‘makanan’ RPK and his MalaysiaToday. I do not intend to pursue more on that but the chain reaction from the posting that bothers me a lot. Just browse thru and look at the comment made. Let me make a quick summary for you. Out of 73 no of comments made (as at 11AM, 28 July):

o Unrelated C4 bombs and Najib – few comments made.

o Swearing & Quran – 2 comments made.

o UMNO’s behind this – lotsa comments made.

o Farah the bitch (or a man) – unable to count as there are sooo many.

o Adultery committed, JAIS’ action – puluh2 jugakla comments.

o Saiful and his ‘backside’ story – too many comments la dude..

Of all the above comment, only one asking whether there’s any proof to the allegation. Nonetheless, his second sentence goes like this “…but is all this true? wow! now bonking a federal counsel?? wow! this bastard really knows how to earn money but not self reputation!”

Why Gani Patail took farah out from the prosecution team? Is he afraid of RPK’s fitna’. Well for me it was a totally ‘bizarre’ fitna’ from a stupid coward living miles away from home. Nothing more than that. I hope none of the comments made comes from a Muslim cos’ no Muslim would believe in this (which is the same view I got for DSAI unless proven guilty in court)

P/s – Korup betul pemikiran orang2 Malaysia ni sekarang.. Anyway Happy Birthday Capri, 31st July.

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