July 25, 2010

Sketsa Sebuah Cinta

Love is a moment that lasts forever. A word powerful enough to describes the inexpressive feeling, the magic, anxiety, hopefulness, most of the time stupidity, not to mentioned the pain in the a$$ (sometimes when your relation goes down the hill), etc. Sometimes you just can't find the words to say it clearly. As for me, love struck twice and the feeling really lasts forever.

Pehh! Some big words for a mukaddimah..Anyway, this posting is inspired by a phone conversation I had with someone that taught me the true meaning of the above sentence was. It took us less than a minute of teleconversation but the feeling was so great that I ended putting up this posting (and utilized an hour of my precious time at home). This is what I’m gonna do? I’ll tag myself and describes some of the memories. Here goes..


I still remember the eyes, the smile. She had a strong character. Susah nak ngorat dia dulu yop. *pakai baju kalis petir skrg - kebamboom* Lagipun masa tu 80an zaman rock kapak. Kenkawan mana layan cintan-cintun ni. Jenuh kena kutuk dulu bila geng2 Sekili tu tau aku couple. Aku cool je tapi kalau pi dating tobat lahom aku tak kasitau geng2 tu.

Pasar Malam

Pasar malam High Chaparral, every Wednesday menjanjikan sesuatu yang menyeronokkan - dating sambil tawaf keliling. Yang heran tu tak la penat pulak pusing2. Kadang2 bukannya ada topik perbincangan pun. Aku agak aku boleh hafal la cat2, dinding2, cermin2 nako rumah2 orang yang ada dalam laluan tawaf tu..


My first (and perhaps my last) cerpen yang I contribute was to my Majalah Sekolah back in 1989 entitled ‘Kenangan Silam'. The cerpen was dedicated to her, although she never read the writing. It was a story of a teacher that teaches a group of students, particularly a student named Susila. Both of them, the teacher and student admire one another, as a teacher and a very hardworking student. Over time, the student excelled and ended up being a new teacher (and teaches at the same school). The writer (in this case myself, huhu) brought a new dimension to the student-teacher relationship the first time (after lapse of few years) they meet again at the school.

Ironically, she is now a teacher.


I simply love this song. It evocate the happier days, good memories (kinda official love song la ni). Asyik dengar aje teringat, asyik teringat aje keluarlah lagu ni. Enjoy..

Ada lagi satu yop. Yang ni May jugak (dengar suara Mus masa muda2). Layan..

Things happen for a reason. You might ask why, what happen to the relationship? I say you usually won’t notice the good things surrounding you until they are gone.

Memories are planted to your head to make you smile, as I am right now. It could heal your physical and mental after a long and stressful work. Once you finish with your smile, you better get back to your routines, to your long and stressful work. Otherwise you’ll get lost. (Slap!) Sound of slapping of a face, my face. That’s it. It was a long tag and if so happen the person (whom this posting is dedicated to) able to read this, I just want her to know that the memories remains.

We had our good times (surely more than what written above) but I believe it is even better now. Six childrens in 11 years sesangatlah produktif…I angkat bendera putih surrender you! :) -

To others, every good thing enjoyed is by Allah via His limitless blessings.

"And whatever good you have - it is from Allah; and then, when misfortune comes to you, you cry to Him for help." (An-Nahl 16:53)

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