July 30, 2010

Look China & India Policy?

Can you imagine the kind of economic force that could arise if India & China could hold together? For many years Asian countries especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand look at the US and Western countries as their links of economy or in a simpler term ‘an economic standard benchmark’. This is quite natural as we always viewed the US and western countries as very superior in its economy as well in intellectual strength. However, when the relationship is too tight and when the European shows their social and economic weaknesses, we are also in danger of having that timid relationship.

Although Tun M back in the 80s suggesting a ‘Look East’ policy, never across in our mind the economic super strength of the Chinese and the Indian could lead the world in days to come. Some economist says if the West is to recover from their current economic state, it is necessary for them to rely on the strengths of India and China, and to not do so will be an economic suicide. Japanese was the target due to its technology advancement and how Tun M would like the people to change their mindset towards an industrial country from the earlier agriculture (walaupun akhirnya pemindahan teknologi seperti wawasan Tun ke atas penubuhan Proton tidak menjadi kenyataan sepenuhnya kerana Jepun yang sangat kedekut ilmu).

Jawaharlal Nehru before he goes on to become the first PM of India had uttered the same view that goes like this…“If India and China hold together, the future of Asia is secured.” What Nehru said 60 years ago is very relevant today. That is how important the two nations can play for Asian when they can go hand in hand. I’m not saying that we should leave out the US and the European because knowledge wise they are way ahead of us. However, psychologically we can now put India and China as our next economic standard benchmark, if not social.

Now look into a smaller angle. What if the Malays from both political parties unite and work together to ensure the rise of Islamic’s Nur in Malaysia. Don’t you think we could conquer the world too? I’ll leave that for your thought.

P/s – I look forward for another round of AAC meeting to be chaired by Tun M in August.

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