April 23, 2010

You’ve Been Tagged!

IpohMom was so kind as to tag me. Rules said once you’re tagged you need to list seven things that people don't know about you and then pick other friends that should do the same (If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you). So here we go: -

1. I was born in a small kampong house in a middle of paddy field. Guess what the most fierce thing in life (at that time) was a sound of Kubota, pacat dan lintah (pacat & lintah sampai la ni..)

2. I used to be a stand up comedian in Standard 2. My partner Ridzuan will do some trick with his funny duck kinda voice and I will ask soalan bodoh2. We made people laugh, big time.

3. I will always remember Friday, 13th December 1985. Abah with his pop yeh-yeh look (just look at the A Mamud jambul)

4. Failed in Add Maths in SPM was one of the ‘hardest’ things I have ever done. Come to think about it, maybe if I did not write the following phrase, the assessor would give me a Pass: “Nama saya Fadil, boleh tak En/Puan tolong pas kan saya? ;)”

5. First time I went out of town when I was 18. Can you imagine that? I’m sure my kid will find this funny. Anyway, it was a long journey to ITM Perlis in 1990.

6. I was the first new student ‘dibuli’ masa 1st semester induction by Nora (she is one year older than me). I remember well when she asked me to sing lagu ‘Suci Dalam Debu’. Cilakak betul suruh nyanyi lagu mendayu2 tu, rocker mana nyanyi lagu slow beb! *dengan grin kening terangkat*. First time we officially went out for a date was the night before I went to the US (nasib baik jumpa last minute..)

7. I love lagu retro Hail Amir “Wajah Kesayangan Hamba”. My dad like this song too (teringat masa zaman duduk setinggan dulu - aka Budak Paip Pecah sebab xleh berenti bercakap...mmm...mencarut sebenarnya!).

So, my turn to tag people:

     a) Zubeq – I found her funny (I could not explain in writing thou).
     b) Abe Zamani – This guy is sejuk aka cool!


zubeq said...

funny??? ape yg lawak nyer :p

capri... said...

"I could not explain in writing thou" ;)

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