April 06, 2010

Din..Din..(kes silap cakap!)

"I am Malay first, but being Malay doesn't mean I am not Malaysian….," - Muhyiddin Yassin


Muhyiddin Yassin is in a dilemma. Is he going to jeopardize the 1Malaysia concept propagate by his boss, play to the trick of Lim Kit Siang or stick to his ‘Malay first’ mentality? Whatever the decision may be, he has been whacked from left and right, including from BN’s Gerakan (here).

To Muhyiddin, let me just give you some tips. Muka Jawa cam kita ni memang kenalah Melayu dulu lepas tu barulah Malaysia. Ask Kit Siang, MCA, Gerakan whether they agree if tomorrow we change the whole education system to a vernacular one, or use only Bahasa Malaysia as a medium in all colleges, school…mampus dia tak nak!

To others, let’s differentiate between race & nationality. You might find the answer there. Kalau di US diorang akan kata I’m black American, tak pulak kata American black (yang mungkin membawa maksud Amerika kotor, jahat dsbg). One should be proud of their race and at the same time loyal to their country. As simple as that!

"I am Muslim first, the rests are secondary….," - Capri

P/s – Nik Aziz kata dia bangsa Isle...(lagi la Kit Siang pening! Cuma mungkin dia tak berani ’challenge’ aje)

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