April 29, 2010

What If?..

What if the statement by Kickdafella was correct..State tax money goes to bin.

What if the statement by Kickdafella was correct..how screwed Malays’ mind would be?

What if the statement by Kickdafella was correct..we are long way diverted from the right path of our struggle.

What if the statement by Kickdafella was correct..to which direction we want to bring Islam?

And what if the statement by Kickdafella was correct..no wonder Chinese act as how they reacted in PRK Hulu Selangor recently.

If it is not correct…sendiri mau ingatla Syed! But the question was what if it is correct?


It is reported in the last PRK Hulu Selangor the Chinese votes have plunged down from 37% to mere 22%. The majority 1725 wins was supported by  the increased in Indian and Malay votes for the BN. In fact the Indian voter has increased to 65% from +-30%, thou pre 2008 their votes were more than 80%.

Why the Chinese votes gone done despite all the ‘gula-gula’ provided by the government? Is it true that the Chinese voters do not need the government support as they are well enough to survive economically i.e. no longer need basic needs but more concerned on social needs?

For me things are simple, the formula of sharing of power to the Chinese is no longer acceptable. They believe they are strong enough to take over the administration of the country as Malays are too weak to think about it (in fact the Malays thinking too much on power struggle and cronyism, which in some case is quite true)

DAP has been given the nod to represent them although they understand the party is nowhere near the government, be it on policy or ideology. They want another Singapore! They do not care because (if it’s true) they have lots of people like Kickdafella that will do their honor in ruining the Malays. As for the Indian, they are yet to achieve that level. They still need basic assistance from the government (except for few like Gobind, Waytha Moorthy, si Samy). They will do the same once they pass the level. Malays in Singapore are too abandoned for more than 40 years now. Fair might not be justice, believe me on this.

Jangan nanti kita jadi macam Palestine. Isrealis when asked why did they published in internet their next target in Palestine? The answer would be: -

If the Palestinian/Arabian know about it, they might not even understand it.
Even if they understand it, they might not do anything about it.
Even if they do something about it, no one else care!
P/s - Najib’s 3 million for the Chinese school and MCA’s accusation of Perkasa are not valid at all.

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