August 31, 2011


Here I am riding on the Electric Train services (ETS) for the very first time. I must say, I do feel the disparity between the normal coach that I used to take before as compared to this electric-based ETS. Amin and I, we are heading south for our Idulfitri’s ‘obligatory’ visit to the in-law. Nora and the rest of the kidz were there even before Hari Raya.

Along the way, you could see lots of greenery of which is a very pleasant panorama that one could appreciate. And when the ticket lady dressed with Baju Kurung Hari Raya and a nice perfume smell (I guess due to this festive season), it is even pleasurable. I remember during the halcyon days back in 93’, riding on the Ekspress Senandung Malam from Arau to Ipoh was something that you are waiting for after struggling with a frantic schedule of examination at the end of each semester. During those days, you would travel at night and only reach Ipoh at 2-3 in the morning (after a long but fun journey). The travel usually starts at 5-6pm from Arau. Coach was sardines packed with mostly students, that sometimes it’s better to get yourself a seat at the coach’s juncture (in between coach at the stairway, with unlighted cigarette butt in your hand playing macho). Nevertheless, you don’t want to stay at the stairway for long because you might end up falling from the running train. I routinely never miss sitting at the stairway when the train go pass Bukit Merah Lake.

ETS was much much better. You’ll feel cozy and comfortable with air-con and a very spacious seat. Our coach has only few people doing almost nothing (probably because of the coziness?) and after sometimes you might feel awkward and suck!!

P/s – As I do right now. Bila nak sampai nih?

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