August 15, 2011

Perak Academy (I)

I remember a small chit chat between myself and the late Dato’ KK Lim (prior to take over of the Ipoh International School by Kinta Properties) on his passion to ensure Ipoh to be lively as it was when tin was the king of industry in this state. He added that lots of investor found Ipoh (& Perak) were not able to offer what he called ‘an investment package’ i.e. good schools, place to take a break after hard day of work, etc. And his thought was agreed by his son, ‘Mr Big’ Lim Si Boon.

Dato KK Lim passed away recently and his son Si Boon is now the rightful owner of Kinta Properties and is also now the President of the Perak branch of the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI).

I could see Si Boon’s name as one of the members of the Perak Academy Board of Governor. Hence, I foresee the Perak Academy establishment is to provide some input to the ‘investment package’ that is mentioned earlier. Kinta Properties has now lots of property investment in Perak, very own Golf Course, International School, and representative in MICCI Perak.

Dato' Seri Dr Abdullah Fadzil Che Wan (Chairman of the Board) is a long time friend of KK Lim’s family. In fact they put his name as a forefront in ensuring the ‘green light’ of proposed taking over of the international school from Yayasan Perak & MB’s Office.

Other info on Perak Academy in the following link

P/s - I met Azwee during Tarawih prayer last night and he complaints how difficult his business want to move forward due to 'restriction' and 'control' made by manufacturer and wholesaler. Without their support, Azwee could not deliver goods in a competitive price. So, I wonder how merit comes into picture for Malay businessman in Penang?

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