October 02, 2010

Squinty Eyes, Si Kaki Botol!

Soi Lek Leng Chai..

You might want to start with your very own Sex Counseling Session before decided to send Hamin Hussin to a counselor.

Soi Lek commented via The Star 29 Sept 2010: said Hamim did not understand the concept of democracy when he proclaimed Malay rights as a mandate to rule the country. “He obviously does not know what democracy is all about. In a country that practices democracy, it is the rakyat who determine who rules the country,” he said.

MCA singing the same song with DAP. Isn't it too obvious.

Soi Lek also said “Our (MCA) stand is very clear. Anyone who makes remarks which are racial, religious, extreme in nature and hurt the people of other religions or races should be subjected to punishment according to the country’s laws,”

So good in making stand ha Soi Lek? Let me just ask you where is your (and your MCA’s) stand in the case of retarded hero wannabe Namewee? Benjamin Stephen’s blaspheming against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Islam and the Muslims? Here some of the words uttered by Benjamin Stephen: -

1. Prophet Muhammad is not a good example for human kind due to the jihad he preaches. Benjamin further claimed Quran promises 7 angels for any Muslim that kills kafir (infidel, laknatullah).

2. Angels could not come down to earth, doing their job as they are too afraid of dog.

3. Muslims goes to Mecca will kiss Hajar Aswad stone to wash away their sins. (Benjamin even portrays Hajar Aswad like the V shape of a woman, for the Muslim to put in their face & kiss it).

4. And many more (see vid below)

Nak harapkan KDN dan Menteri Amaran Kerismudin bertindak?


Oh yes, one more thing Soi Lek….NAH!! (Middle finger up + sound like Namewee’s pathetic racist lyrics)

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