June 17, 2010

Korea’s World Cup Dream..Malaysia?

Prinsip asas yang anda akan belajar tentang management adalah beberapa singkatan ayat yang mudah diingati sebagai PLOC – Planning, Leading, Organizing and Control. In a simpler word PLOC refers to a process/cycle in management. Kebanyakan dari kita sometimes too focused on the planning part, ending up lost steam towards the implementation (‘cos unable to provide good control or monitoring). Worst still if one unable to lead and organize.

Planning is very simple, a few brainstorm and workshop sessions will do. Leading and organizing might be tough but unable to monitor and control would be the worst part of all. What’s all these got to do with the  above title? Ontahlah…


We were in Kuching last weekend having another round of interview. At night, we had dinner at the newly refurbished The White Rajah restaurant while having a good time with the Korea-Greece match up (and Abigail the waitress too :p~~). My mind was at the game so much that I was not enjoying the food at all. After all, who could enjoy hotel’s chicken breast ‘repertoire’ something..a chicken chop with spicy mushroom soup, covered by pasta. Mannn..pasta mama mia killed my appetite totally!

Anyway, I figure out we might need three Super Mokh and Ghani Minhat at the front line, five more James Wong, Dollah Salleh, Azizul Abu Hanifah in the midfield, another five Chin Aun, Zainal Abidin Hassan and Santokh in the back line (to exclude Shebby Singh kinda if any) and few Spidey Arumugam at the goalkeeper, just to make up squad for the next World Cup. Anything less than that gabish, no go, pocik yilek…Anyway, let’s put the past glorious moment of Malaysian football aside and start to think for the future.

In Malaysia, we produced good skilled young player. Four of our under 16 players sent to Chelsea for training had a good training record as compared to the local. Comes 17, 18 and so on, they’ll good enough to be Chelsea’s ball picker. Why this happen? Ontahlah..maybe we need to relook at our PLOC. There must be something somewhere that we’ve missed out in that cycle.

Until we figure out that, we are only as good as the cheer leader for the Korean team. Hoorey!!

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