June 17, 2010

Hop hop hop

Sometimes you just can’t figure it out why YB hop hop hop? Hop here because my party was too much politicking than assisting the rakyat. Hop there because my party was tumbling down, the leaders no good. Hop hop hop because of so much reasons that only god knows why?

Next in line is Keshvinder Singh (some start to call him Cashvinder), DAP’s man in Malim Nawar. Uncle Lim & the smiling tiger from Penang already threatened to sue him and Datuk Hee for RM 5 mill while uncle Karpal & Gobind relaks dulu.

There’s two reasons Pakcik Atan & Uncle Tan might argue in kedai White Coffee Subramaniam, first one no other than cash laa. What else? Zambry might have tabur duit cos’ earlier DS Nizar claimed 3 – 4 BN YBs will hop to PR soon. Ngeh in a late statement (after could not figure it out himself on Kesh’s action earlier) claimed that Keshvinder was in cash strapped from car installment loan, blackmailed for misused of his legal firm’s money and kahwin in Selatan Thai. Blackmailed for RM45K? You must be kidding me considering Kesh was claimed to have been offered RM20 mills to hop party right after PRU13 (there was a police report also).

The second arguement between Pakcik Atan & Uncle Tan would be Keshvinder feel disgrace on how PR especially DAP bersaudara runs the party/PR and neglected their responsibility to the people in Perak, of which Ane Subra disagree to it totally. Ane Subra still claims that this was Samy Vellu’s fault, which his arguement was like never ending. To remind Kesh, thou he jump ship to BN now, not necessarily his voters wil hop too. As a lawyer (who supposed to be educated) he must be aware of the consequences of his action. He might not even get the chance to represent any party in the next PRU. So why hop as the next General election is just around the corner? Pakcik Atan, Uncle Tan & Ane Subra conversation stops there...

The third arguement (this is after the trio left) was DAP will have this scenario as a payback i.e. how BN took over the state before. This eventually will lead the three assemblyman (that was mentioned by DS Nizar) to crossover. Macam kes Nasarudin la..kita tengok la nanti!

P/s - I wonder whether Uncle Karpal will say "Bertaubatlah Kesh" as how he says it to DSAI before?..

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