June 05, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen, this is my one hundredth posting. I started blogging since 30th Sept. 2009. That should make up about 40% effort (average 12 postings in a month or a posting in every 2.5 days). Quite competitive for a new beginner, of course far behind if compared to political or ‘cut and paste’ kinda blog.

I must admit some of my writing personification might be too light, too narrow or even too static for the reader but I guess style of writing differs from one another. The more you read, the more it will becomes expressive and the deeper you’ll understand the writer.

Getting to the hundredth postings (in a short span of time) is definitely an achievement. You can write thousands in the FB Wall but it won’t be the same with blog. I did not mean for record breaking thou. It should suffice enough for me if I be able to understand horizontal communication i.e. Hablum minan Nas and hopefully lateral too, by reading and writing blogs.

Congratulation Capri! May you write many more..(huhu congrats diri sendiri)

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