October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali

Happy Deepawali to all my friends who celebrating it.

Suresh, Kumar, Sukhvinder Singh (are you celebrating Diwali too?)...my former school mate of SRK Guru Nanak. Now the school has been closed to make way for Higher Learning Institution (what a pity).

Best buddy Puvanes (you better not serve Singapore!!), former school mate of SM Dr Megat Khas (aka Sekolah Labrooy). We used to be school representative for Kuiz Pengetahuan Am. Remember our historic second place overall dalam District Kinta in 1989? The heavyweight Anderson, St Micheal, TCS, Bainun...yeah! we beat their A^@ out.

Ramesh, former KL sprinter and my best friend. We used to study at the same college in US (Tri State University - of late the college name has been changed to Trine University. Uncle and Untie, Nathan (are you still in Angola dude?) and the rest.

Little India, Ipoh in a colorful lights
Mr Louis (former Malaysian hockey team player & former boss of MBf Wangsa Maju), Dharmaraj Abdullah (former colleaque in MBf Jln Pudu...I heard you are now incharge of Malaysian Hockey Team under 16 (champion recently in 4 nation tournament)
Gesan & Chandran (wherever you’ll are now), “Yinna Chandran?”. Sis Selvi, hope you are doing fine in Ambank.
Rajan the Goldsmith. Have I ever thank you for the gift you sent the day before my wedding, Rajan? If I’ve yet o do so, let me officially thank you now.

Coach (forgot your name – former Perak team physiotherapist & Former soccer coach of Yayasan Perak team). Remember our third place winner in Pesaya VI coach? It was a memorable 2-1 wins against Pahang, considering Azharuddin Aziz as their top striker.

Nagammah (Call her Sara Bannu now), Auntie Mary, Mr & Mrs Louis, Singh (thin & long) all my friends from Ipoh International School. Have a good life and thanks for all the good memories! As for Arul, hope your ambition to establish your very own college will materialize soon.
Dr Mano, more success with your career. Thanks for providing me with high motivation to publicly speak my mind.

My bro Patrick, sis Ena, Subarna....Su, our TP haven’t finish yet!

I hope everything will do just fine for everyone. HAPPY DIWALI guys! Happy Deepawali to the rest of Indian community too..

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