October 20, 2009

Favourite Cartoonist Lat

I love this man. I’ve been following & enjoying his cartoon characters since my early chilhood. Dato’ Mohd Nor bin Khalid or best known as Lat is Malaysian best cartoonist since 70s (as far as I’m concern) where he first started his ‘illustration’ on Malaysian life scenarios with ‘Tiga Sekawan’ and ‘Keluarga Si Mamat’ (He was thirteen then when his first comic was published by Berita Harian).

I’ve series of Kampung Lat collection and others such as Entahlah Mak …, It’s A Lat Lat Lat Lat World, Keluarga Si Mamat, Last as Usual, Lat at Large, Lat’s Lot, Lots More Lat, Town Boy, With a Little Bit of Lat, Be Serious Lat, Better Lat Than Never, Lat and Gang, Lat and His Lot Again, Lat Gets Lost, Lat was Here, Lat with a Punch, Mat Som, The Portable Lat & latest collection of ‘Lat 30 years later’ & 'Lat the Early Series'. The only book that I do not have (yet) in my private collection is the 2008 ‘Dr. Who? - Tribute to Dr M’.

Pic: Lat’s cartoon is genuine, pure and lively as this scene

Dato’ Mohd Nor has that talent to draw a pure, lively & realistic characters which portrays ‘good, bad and ugly’ side of scenarios irrespective whether it is a political scetch, social or even gag cartoon.

Pic: Lat’s cartoon is everywhere 1 (Air Asia Plane)

Pic: Lat’s cartoon is everywhere 2 (Malaysian Stamp)

Pic: My favourite ‘Kampung Boy’

Pic: Lat always able to translate his collective experiences to a good cartoon as this image

Kudos Dato’ and hope for more success.

I’ve posted some Lat’s copyrighted material as pics above to be shared by all. Hope Dato’ tak marah (I know he won’t). You may want to know him better from some of the following links:

i. http://www.lambiek.net/artists/l/lat.htm
ii. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Nor_Khalid
iii. http://www.etawau.com/HTML/AirAsia/Lat.htm
iv. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lat-Mohammad-Nor-Khalid

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hafiedz udu said...

Hello capri,i am hafiedz,do u have duplication for every lat's series,what i am looking for are budak kampung,entahlah mak,it's a lat lat lat world,lat at large,lat as usual n lat's lot,can u contact n reply me back to : artonbeatmusic@gmail.com or 0179380620,i am malaysian,hope to hear from u soon,tqvm ya ;)

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