March 11, 2011


Most people do not know what they are capable of until forced to survive in difficult situation. Those words might be appropriate in reflecting two weeks of agony; last ‘full of workshops’ week and equally terrifying this coming week. If last week's buzz word was Sustainable Sciences and Megacities, this coming week we will talk a lot on progress and more progress.

On the 7th, we had our transformation External Review Workshop at the Equatorial Hotel. The workshop brought the best of two worlds; industry and academic to dwell on MORs’ proposed R&D roadmaps. We had people like Dermatology specialist Puan Sri Prof Datuk Dr Suraiya Hani (Menteri Amaran’s sister), Sustainable Science expert Prof Nik Meriam & Prof Muhamad Jantan, and many more. It was a fruitful event for the MOR leaders and to a certain level to people like me who after this could ‘arrogantly’ speak about kelestarian. Smug!


I came back from work pretty late today. Rain was pouring quite heavily as I passed the Esso station at Jalan Kuala. That’s when I saw one umbrella-less Chinese auntie squirt down looking over passing by cars. I wanted to pull over at least to lend her something that could shelter her from the heavy rain but I just could not pull over due to traffic. From that moment on I’m driving with full of emotion. So many things ruptured in my mind, from what’s going on with this lady to where the f*#@ her children was?

Annoyed and speechless at home, those Raja Lawak clowns that night failed to make me even smile.

Tomorrow AM we will be having a Bakti programme at SRK Felcra Nasaruddin. I look forward to spend time with those children and hope it will take away some of my last week’s emotion, agony and arrogant-ness.


Next week we supposedly gonna have the last Steering Committee before the handover to the newly established so called dedicated office of TO. TO Director himself, right after the External workshop do offer me to continue as Secretariat but I guess I just need some break and concentrate on my niche. Otherwise, I’ll be only known as an implementer, not thinker which is not good for career path.

To TO, I wish them transform..and roll out!

I hope I will be given that strength to push for this last hurdle. Oh yea, next AAC meeting with Tun will be on 7th July. I have his 800+ pages controversial ala LKY’s memoir - “A Doctor in the House” for my night reading.

P/s – Moral of the story – A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination (Nelson Mandela).

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