February 28, 2011

HRMD Teambuilding 2011

If I’m not mistaken the last time I engaged with teambuilding was like 5 years back. Quite sometimes huh? I believe such team activities do have an impact to re-energize you after hectic work at the office. So when I was thrown with the opportunity to attend PETRONAS’ HRMD Teambuilding 2011 venue at Awana Genting Highlands, nobody could force me to say no go.

The teambuilding was with objectives to introduce HRM’s transformation, reinforce the culture of good behavior & mindset and at the same time building strong network between OPUs under HRM division. The event started off with presentation by Cik Lah & Pn Nornisham during the introduction and team formation. Pn Norni in her speech stressed the importance of having transformation of behavior and mindset to propel HRMD in particular and PETRONAS to a higher level (especially during economic turbulences). Eight behaviors identified and should be created to ensure high performance culture within PETRONAS’ staff: Ownership and Accountability, Focus and Discipline, Open Minded and Approachable and finally Adaptable & Resilient.

To enforce those behaviors the two days teambuilding was occupied with an outdoor and indoor activities. Our Venezuela team (participants segregated into 16 national teams) started off with a chill but thrill outdoor experience. We came out strong and were declared an overall winner during the ‘Wild Wild West’ theme dinner. It came no surprise to me cos’ the team members were committed, devoted and full of hardwork, including a GM from Instep. Those people really got into it. In the afternoon, the team did a considerably good display during the business simulation but did not come top in overall. The games was tiring, bring the very best of you to complete it but one thing I must say, the teambuilding do brings teambonding among team members. I feel connected and it will sure help with career networking in the future.

On the final day, when we were asked to write down one plan following the workshop to help make a difference in our workplace, I pledge to do work with integrity and positive mindset.

Thanks a zillion HRMD. My two thumbs up for good handling of the event by the organizer, consultant TMI assisted by ‘connector’ from in-house HRMD’s. George was hilarious and ‘connector’ Wawa was damn sexyyyy with her yeeha kind of cowboy costume!! Hehe.

Sebab aku hepi Teambuilding satu lagu Nurlela untuk semua participants..

Ahai Nurlela sukanya berlagu Mambo Chacha
Hatinya takkan senang duduknya tak tenang
Dengar bunyi gendang ingin serta berlenggang
Hai Nurlela mendengar Calipso dengan bongo
Ingin menari sajo menari baduo siapo yang suko
Nurlela memang cantik siapa kena lirik hati bak dijentik
Sopan sapa tegurnya manis senyumannya itu yang menggoda
Aduh kalau berdendang lagu dendang sayang rasaku di awang
Joget tari Melayu Nurlela pun senang mengayun kaki tari serampang
Ahai Nurlela kalau dengar gitar ting ting ting klang
Tari apa tak pantang Nurlela menentang apa suka Mambo Calipso dan Chachacha
Hai Nurlela.....

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