February 12, 2011


This week was like a yoyo. Up and down. One thing for sure the Potential Leader’s interview last Wednesday really pushes me to the corner. Not that I did not do my homework, needed preparation but I wasn’t expected the kind of questions that would came out. Let’s view this in an encouraging mode. If I were not to be chosen, then I probably not ready with the promotion, the new challenge. If I get the nod, I’ll have to work extra hard. Harder than now? O..too hard to think..

On the same day, our team lost our game to eventual winner of the inter-department volleyball tournament, the Mechanical Dept. We did not play our usual game thou. I guess we came short of our confidence in handling the pressure playing in the semi. It was also a tall order for a short guy like me. Well, bak kata David Teo “Ada masuk musti ada keluar,ada menang mesti ada kalah, ada naik mesti ada turun, ada bukuit mesti ada gunuing…”

Thursday, we had our accreditation visit. The blaming culture and bad attitude co-existed simultaneously to the extend of claiming the material produced was not his. “Bukan…ini bukan kerja saya ni..tak tau sapa yang buat ni…”. Entah sapa pulak yang buat kalau bukan dia. Donia, donia..macam-macam ada.

Late in the afternoon the cycle turned back in style. To begin with, we fought our heart out to win the volleyball 3rd placing game. Just look at the happy lot in the pic. Seems like we were happier than the 1st & runner up team.
Saturday morning I was invited to attend the St Micheal’s Hari Anugerah Akademik Cemerlang 2010. Kiki was in the list this year. I hope this will encourage his siblings to follow suit. Kiki was ecstatic for his first time; I had a happy face that morning. Chinese and Indian students were in the list of recipients even for courses like Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics. Not that I was being envious of but I must admit Chinese and Indian found no barrier anymore with courses be it in Bahasa or English.

P/s - Hope the cycle stays a bit longer to provide me with some breathing space.

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