January 24, 2011

Befriending the Nature

It’s about time we go green. At least that was the spirit inside me after engaging the go green initiative by Jusco with its Saturday’s No Plastic Bag Campaign. Everybody knows the effect and implication of non compliance to future sustainability, especially when it is involving ecological environment. But then we tend to forget, we always feeble (not strong enough to be seen or heard clearly) and delicate when it comes to environmental concern. Or was it another ‘I don’t care’, ‘take it easy’ kind of attitude of we Malaysian? Unless it is not seriously enforced by government, with punishable law, we will take it unconscientiously. Last week in local newspaper it was mentioned that our daily waste in a form of uncollected rubbish could cover up the whole state of Perlis in only 5 days. For once it was unimaginable and unthinkable.

Every year the international environmental summit will address the same issue i.e. the importance of environmental concern that should focus on the legislation and enforcement (taking into consideration much needed action to combat the issue now) and also in the birth of environmental education that focused on changing people’s environmental behavior. When we discuss in people’s environmental behavior i.e. waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency, let us not talk too much about acid rain effects, Chernobyl disaster, Bhopal tragedy or even Greenpeace activism in Japan’s water territory. Let just start small by ensuring your family understand the cause and effect of environmental faulty, should we are not able to address the problem like now, this moment. Change we can believe in and beliefs we can change.

Tell them that nature might not want to befriend us anymore..

Am I talking rubbish too? I just hope not..

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