November 06, 2010


Facebook might be the most dominant social network in the world at this moment (I do not have the stat thou to support this but it must be). It has lotsa fun, buncha games and applications and most importantly it can connect people. I wanted to stay connected, look for new friendship perhaps, find long lost friends; I wanted to see wonders coming from it. And so I use it. After sometimes I must admit I’ve addicted to the Book. Craving and desire for it with the same feelings to that of a sentimental love, I guess. However, I must say fb do bring wonders.

Suaranya yang nyaring with A minor high pitched sound and without pentatonic pattern mengalunkan “Hormat, hormat ke kanannnnnn..hormat” sound sooo cute….of course intermittently it could become so annoying that make your ear drum beating unanimously :) That A Minor high pitched sound comes from an also a very cute gal with big gorgeous brown eyes, especially when she shouted for orders. Komander Ahmad Idham was nowhere near her when she shouted (or screamed). I was then 17 and being a freshman in a college world, I was amazed and at the same time tamed by that sound (and cute gal, and big brown eyes, and lots and lots more of her too). I was just not me at that time. I’m restless, restive in front of her or if she was not on sight. I’m not so sure thou if the feeling was mutual. It never concerned me cos’ I just need to try, to strive and to make an effort to win her (and for an obvious reason, or can I say genetically freak, she was a year older than me). Love is like a battlefield. That was when I went above the perimeter…I lied.

On my first semester break I lied (I still have her replied letter safely kept) and she was so disturbed with the lie (stupidity as I called it) and the relationship went bit sour in the other semester. Then again, I could be completely wrong with all these. As I mentioned earlier I was not actually sure whether the feeling was mutual at all. Time goes by and all you know we have been on our separate ways.

The above story was like 19 years in history. We never get in touch with since but lately via fb we are connected. So many stuff in my mind I would like to share with her, my career, my family, my feeling towards her etc. But this time I wanted to be me, irrespective what kind of feeling there will be. I hope she can make herself connected and contacted. I do.

Remember this song Komander Azlina?

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