November 17, 2009


Masjid is not only a place for sholat but also serves as an important learning centres and community engagements for Moslem. The evolution of mosque is tremendously evolve from an open-air spaces back in 7th Century to a wonderful & biq mosque as what we can see today. See below some beautiful mosque I've visited...

Oh yea, congratulation to my one and only brother for having a 'mosque' of his own.

Masjid Ubudiah

Mosque with a classical architecture in a very wonderful surrounding of Kuala Kangsar.

Masjid Arau
Sholat without Doa Qunut. First mosque outside Perak I've performed sholat in it.

Angola Islamic Centre (w/out pic)
For 2 years I engaged myself with the jamaah there. Tapi kalau Ramadhan Pak Arab belasah ayam Scotts selamba je!

Fort Wayne Islamic Centre, Chute St.
Wonder whether Abg Aziz & family still there?

Kalamazoo Islamic Centre
Syawal 1994, I remember broke in tears when a black brother declared his faith that day.
Masjid Sultan Salahuddin
Aka Blue Mosque, with main dome is one of the biggest domes in the world & The four minarets are the second tallest in the world

Masjid Negeri Sarawak
Visited during PESAYA Sarawak 2003

Masjid Muhammadi, Kota Bharu
Reflect the 'Corridor of Mecca'.

Al Faisal Mosque, Islamabad - The largest mosque in Pakistan. I had a nice Maghrib prayer at the mosque with full packed Pakistani jamaah.

Al-Badshahi Mosque, Karachi
A nice mosque next to a Lahore Fort and a truely famous landmark in Lahore. Thank you Faezan for an unforgetful trip.

Salman Mosque, Bandung
It is a mosque built for Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB sebutannya e'tey bey). We had a Friday prayer there. I remember so many petty trader outside the mosque after the prayer. Meriah betul!

Masjid Wilayah
Another milestone in a modern mosque architecture

Masjid Negeri, Kuantan
Ramadhan 2008, lots of people opened fast on the field just outside the mosque.

Masjid As Syakirin
The Zon (official hotel for any official matters) is just at the back of the mosque.

Masjid Putrajaya (Putra mosque)
Aka The red mosque. A signature building of Putrajaya other than the luxurious PM's residential.

The 'Malay' mosque of Cape Town
Friday prayer somewhere back in Nov 2007. Do felt like praying with Malay community back home.

An Nur Mosque @ UTP
Glittering at night...

Al Aqsa & Al Haram Mosque - The two mosque I dream of going...

"O Allah! O Controller of the hearts, keep my heart firm in your religion, keep it contented with Your worship".

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