November 24, 2012

Congrat Kiki, Capri

Kiki has made it. Although it was not a straight As but still it is a flying colors as far as I'm concerned. I guess you deserve what you are struggling for. 
Next is to get a good boarding school for him. I prefer SMKA Al Mizan as compared to others that he has chosen. But let see whether with that kind of result could bring him anywhere. Otherwise, let just continue with PMR and SPM at home. I did that last time and I'm sure he could do the same too. Anyway, congrats Kiki. Jangan mintak lebih2 untuk hadiah...
After five years at the Registry, I've been summoned to be transferred to other department starting early next year. It's a promotion that comes with new challenge, new perspective, new staff, new environment and so many new things. Am I glad? Frankly speaking I am not so sure whether this is good or otherwise. One things for sure, my BP rose to a record 170/105 last week that makes me wonder whether I still have the joie de vivre to push myself forward. 
P/s - Aku kena lagi byk relakkkkss.. 


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