September 17, 2010

3-hour horrified story

A night before 09.09.2010, Nora had some mild contraction which the doctor said could be a sign of early delivery. For the whole night (well right from the beginning) we were hoping that it wasn’t. We were earlier told that a premature baby might have difficulties in breathing other than possibilities of colon and lung illnesses. To make matter worst, there was no ventilator in ISH should the baby ‘wish’ to come out early. The doctor then referred us to RPB hospital. Seems they have better facilities and experience doctors dealing with premature cases. Contraction continues the whole night thou mildly experienced. Oh yes, I forgot another possible threat: heavy bleeding for the third times in a period of one month.

With all these and after scanning (unsure whether previa or abruptio placenta), few O&G doctors decided that early force delivery might be required. Minus 3 hours prior to the C-section operation, was when the 3-hour horrified story begins (It was not that scary if you compare it with the Hari Raya horror movies on TV thou). It is just that as if you are preparing yourself with something that got to do with either life or death. Checking and injection, more checking and injection. Blood transfusion. Doctors telling us our rights, expectation on the operation, the baby and many more. The 3-hour preparation really made us sick and worn-out. But I guess “berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul”. Minus 15 mins prior to the operation, both of us burst into tears.


5.30PM: for the very first time I met her. Looking at my anxious, disturbed face the accompanying nurse quickly telling me that the baby was fine, so as the mother. I could see from afar the baby was breathing without any O2 support, which amazed me and cleared out my biggest fear of having a premature baby. The mother only came out from the OT an hour later (after a 2-hour successful operation).

Introducing Alifah Nur Raischa, a 2.25kg, 34 weeks baby girl with a cute face macam bapak dia..huhu. Being a premature baby, small in weight (and mother having O+ve blood type), Raischa is expected to encounter jaundice for the next 21 days. Other than that she is on a perfect condition. I should continue to pray for her safety and well being, for now and the days after.

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”   
– Will Smith

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Yuyun@HanLeeYun a.k.a. KuLaT_NaKaL said...

en. Capri, tahniah di atas kehadiran 'org baru' .. :)

capri... said...


Khadeeja Ishaq said...

Alifah Nur Raischa.That is a very lovely name. Congrats again to Abg Fadil & Kak Nora!

capri... said...

Ija: Tqvm.

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