October 25, 2011

Festival of Lights - KBP Style

Amazingly, I did not write anything for more than 1 month. Not that I’m running out of idea or simply nothing much to write, in fact there were lots of things happen during that one-month period. We had our 11th Convocation; Raischa visited Hospital again, twice in a gap of 2 months etc, etc. But then, I just don’t feel in putting up my pen to the draft pad (or in this case to the keyboard).

Anyway, this week we gonna have a mid-week cuti of Deepawali. So to my entire Hindu friend out there, happy celebrating the ‘festival of lights’. To all the happy lot of Kampung Buah Pala as well. I heard the ‘High Chapparalian’ consists of 17 Indians and 7 Malays families have returned to the site of their old village to accept keys to their new double-storey houses. Lampu kalimantang lights finally emerged from the end of the tunnel, huh? A unit of double storey house in that area might be valued in the range of 300 - 350K, thus will cost the private developer Nusmetro Ven¬tures (P) Sdn Bhd RM8 – 9 mill altogether. Guan Eng and the rest of developer can now happily develop the whole land that has a commercial value of billions. It’s a huge spot-lights coming out from the end of the tunnel for Guan Eng and co.

For the remaining 9 families that did not accept the RM125K offered by the developer, they might have lost everything.

P/s - The Chinese Opera in a thick make up with esoteric and mysterious yet hardly understandable characters…

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